Monday, March 21, 2011

Riley's Weekend

Remember how Nicole and the girls came to visit over spring break?


Remember how they came to see *ME*?


Yeah, somebody by the name of Riley didn't get the memo and thought it was all about *HIM*. Which is probably why his head popped up like this in almost every photograph.


As a dog I'm sure he'd find this insulting, but doesn't he look like the cat who ate the canary in this picture? :)


He's such a schmooze. Nicole is a non-dog-lover, but he had her rubbing his belly in no time flat.


Miss Anna was ready and willing to shower him with belly rubbing attention as often as he'd let her [and was very brave when she petted him again AFTER he nipped at her. He's so lucky he's cute…]


Sophia and Riley began by loving each other from afar, as Sophie carries more of her mama's cautious demeanor.


But he turned her into a belly rubber, too.


Me? I didn't care one iota about what Riley wanted all weekend because I got what *I* wanted. My strong friend bullied those signs in the front yard until they came up… which means I now have a SIGN FREE ZONE outside my window!

That's better than a belly rub any day. :)

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