Monday, August 18, 2008

Attn: Michael Phelps

I was sitting on my couch faithfully watching the Olympics when a commercial came on television. The very next commercial was of Michael Phelps promoting Those two commercials put together got me to thinking...

During one of the many features on Michael Phelps they showed a "day in the life" segment. Pretty much Michael said that - other than swimming - he eats, sleeps and plays with his dog. He hates cooking and prefers eating out every meal. And he loves his mother.

In comparison, here's my "day in the life":

Other than blogging, I eat, sleep and play with my dog. I hate cooking and would be thrilled with eating out every meal. And I love my mother.

Who needs

Michael, if you're out there... despite the age difference we may just be soul mates. Call me.


  1. ha! Thats awesome! You are one smart cookie!

  2. Age - smage! Who cares about long as your soul mates! (Of course I wouldn't hurt to meet first!!) Ya baby!

  3. Hilarious! I think he's dating a model though...sorry :(


  4. sounds like a match to me too! good luck! :)

  5. I stumbled across this from PW Cooks . . . you are too freckin' funny !!! That put a smile on my face !!! Just thought you should know. . . .