Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Finally Here!!!!

I am so unbelievably excited because it's finally here... tomorrow is 08.08.08 and the Olympics will finally begin!!!!

I've always loved the Olympics (both summer and winter), but this year I'm exceptionally excited. Not because I love some of the athletes (which I do), and not because I am proud of our country (which I am). No, if I'm honest, I am mostly excited about the Olympics because there has been nothing else to watch on television.

Seriously, people, the one summer I am literally confined to my home and there has been NOTHING good on tv. I take that back... I do enjoy So You Think You Can Dance, but that only takes up so much of a girl's time. So I am ready to live vicariously through these athletes and watch them run their track and field races and swim like fish. And when you have a 41-year-old mom like Dara Torres blowing these young kids out of the water (literally) you can't help but be inspired.

But in the end, I pretty much live for the gymnastics. I'm going to admit something to you all... when I was young I really thought I was going to be a famous gymnast. I now see the flaw in the plan as I didn't train or take lessons or work out. But I'm telling you, I could go in our backyard and do a round-off like nobody's business. We lived on an acreage so I had a lot of wide open spaces... and our yard was my own personal area to work on my floor routine. 

I'd take the boom box (remember those?) out back, put on music and dance, do tumbling runs and always end with the dramatic flair of my arm in the air with my back arched... just like Mary Lou Retton. And somewhere deep down inside I just knew that some scout would be driving along that blacktop in the country, notice me and whisk me away for Olympic training.

Then again, I used to think a talent scout would drive on that blacktop, hear me sing and give me a record deal, too.

At least the pigs and horses were entertained. 


  1. Hi! I saw you on The Pioneer Woman's blog. Your comment on the Homeschooling giveaway is just above mine. I read that you would love to read and debate books all day! ME TOO! I went back to school for just that reason. And honey, that does not make you a nerd. It's just that no one has realized yet how super awesome we are! It's their flaw really, not ours!

    Are you reading anything right now? Or are you just anxiously awaiting the smoggy Olympics?


  2. You're so funny. I love how at times you make me laugh and other times reflect. I love reading your blog. I miss seeing you its been so long!