Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub

I swear I would live in the water if some genius in a lab could figure out a way to make that work. There is something so calming about the water... being at the lake and sitting on a dock in the morning when the air is still a little crisp and the water is completely calm.

Or drifting on a pontoon all day, jumping in for a swim to cool off and maybe floating on a raft. Even if I can't be relaxing at the lake, in my mind soaking in a tub of hot water is the next best thing.

For a long time that wasn't an option because getting in and out of a regular tub wasn't the easiest thing to do. And calling someone to come over and help me get out of the tub was not a situation I could imagine being a pleasant one... so I didn't test my boundaries. (And all my friends are grateful, I'm sure.)

Then, at the end of last year, my case worker told me that because of my ill and handicap waiver I could have modifications made to my bathroom if I wanted them. Uhhmm... are you kidding? I said yes, and this beautiful new walk-in-bathtub was installed:

Yep, it's far and away the nicest feature of my home. No more stepping over a ledge to get into the shower; now I just open a door and close it behind me. I have safety rails and a built in seat. And I was going to finally get to soak in a bath!

Well, two out of three wasn't bad. There was a little glitch in the plan. That gorgeous new tub required more water than my hot water heater provided.


Benny, the gentleman who installed my tub, tried to explain to me why it probably didn't work. He told me about the fact that a 40 gallon hot water heater should have two elements to heat the water, but mine only had one. So I was really only getting half the hot water that I should.

Then he went in for the kicker. He told me that it also probably didn't fill because I didn't take up as much room in the tub as most people so it took more water to fill it. And then I agreed to marry him. (Just kidding.)

He's smooth. And a liar. And I'm going to assume happily married if his wife falls for his rhetoric as easily as I did.

Either way, it did soften the blow when I realized a tub bath was not in my future. But honestly, I was so happy with being able to more safely get in and out of the shower it really didn't matter. And when I was sick this winter and had a picc line in my arm, maneuvering in this shower made it that much easier to stay in my home. It was one of those situations where I didn't realize how difficult it was for me to manage until I didn't have to anymore. Yea for the new tub!

Here's where the story gets even better (following in my line of thinking that I have everything I need when I need it). My two oldest siblings were at home with their families this spring and my sister Laura was talking about the new tub (yes, the tub is so cool that other people talk about it). My brother Jerry didn't know I had it and my dad made the comment that it was too bad I couldn't actually take a bath in it. I swear to God I was completely satisfied with the shower, but for my birthday those two siblings bought me a new water heater. I'm still overwhelmed by it.

And have I mentioned how much I love soaking in the water? 

I know sometimes it sounds like my life is one thing after another, and it kind of is. But it's also one good thing after another. Like bath tubs and water heaters and unexpected kindness. And long soaks in hot water. The good in life will always outweigh the difficult. You just have to remember to look for it.

And because Riley won't let me take photos of anything without him being the focus, here's one of him sitting on the bathroom rug waiting patiently for me to take a picture of him instead of the bathtub.

Who in the world taught him to be so vain?


  1. okay, I think we are on the same schedule since I always seem to be stalking the night when your posts come up (lol)...and you always seem to write about something that I just spoke with my family the tub. It's amazing how tough those "normal" things can be when all your "parts" don't work like they used to. Congrats on the new water digs.

  2. That is one crazy awesome tub. It's even pretty. Riley looks SO cute sitting on that rug. What a doll baby he is.

    BTW: I love how your shower curtain matches your blog header. Does everything in your house match that well? I feel so unworthy.

  3. I found you through PW's site and have been reading your blog the last couple of months...

    The new tub is awesome! I had wondered if a tub like that would be helpful to you and so glad it worked out that it could be installed. And the new water heater? Way to go, family! (I had also wondered if swimming was something that would be beneficial to you)

    I also want you to know that your attitude and take on life has a tremendous impact on others. Know that you are appreciated for your inner beauty that shines through and you are prayed for.
    Nancy in Texas

  4. Oh, Riley! I can just imagine him responding to this post saying, Well what do you expect when you treat me like the most important thing in the world?
    I'm sure that is what my dog would say! Mine is so spoiled!

  5. I have found only one fault with my pup, Beau...he doesn't like to have his piture taken. I'd give anything if he were a little ham like Riley! LOL

    I had seen those tubs advertized and had told my husband that's what I would want installed when we renovate the guest bath. So glad you have one and that you are able to enjoy it fully now.

  6. ...and have we told you that you are worth it...and more!

  7. Hi
    I just found your blog. I was reading your V. Hugo quote when I remembered something I read a long time ago. It was in London, during the Blitz...
    A bishop was up almost all night, praying for his city, his country, his people, the world. He was so tired, he was tipping over sideways as he knelt.
    Suddenly, he heard the Lord's voice. 'It's ok, Bishop, you can go to bed. I'll stay up the rest of the night.'
    I loved that. Good reminder.
    Sooz in NV

  8. My heart almost broke for you there. That was a close one.

    I couldn't imagine not soaking in the tub. Sacrelige!