Monday, August 4, 2008

My (Rare) Baking Masterpiece

Let me tell you something about myself: I am not a Becky Homecky. Or a Suzie Homemaker. Or any of those other silly names.

I really wish I was... but I don't think I have the patience for it. I love reading people's blogs where they make fresh yogurt (really... people do that) or concoct these fantastic recipes with ingredients from their gardens. People make all these dishes from scratch with utensils handed down from their grandmothers' kitchens and take beautiful photographs of their intricate masterpieces.

I make ramen noodles. I'm just sayin'.

When we lived at the Big House, I got up one morning and Susie had this contraption hooked up to the sink and was turning a handle while feeding it potatoes. I scratched my head, looked it over and inquired as to what kind of experiment she was conducting. She said she was making hashbrowns.

Picture me shaking my head with pity. Because that's what I was doing. Right then I took it upon myself to educate my friend on the joy of the frozen food section. I'm not exaggerating, people, when I tell you the girl had lived to age 20 and had NO IDEA you could buy frozen hashbrowns.

Imagine her delight when I introduced her to the joy of already crushed graham cracker crumbs. I take full credit for expanding her horizons and cutting her cooking time in half. I may have gone too far, though, because I really do think cookies are better from scratch and since discovering pre-made cookie dough I'm not sure she's ever looked back.

When mom and dad came to visit before the 4th of July I had a few extra granny smith apples in the fridge so I made a small pan of apple crisp for us to enjoy. Because I sometimes don't have the energy or physical capabilities of standing at the stove for extended periods of time, Linda (Susie's mom, who gets my groceries for me) will make me a casserole that I reheat for supper every night - even I can handle the microwave. So it's not completely out of line that mom chuckled a little and looked a bit disbelieving at the idea that I had made the apple crisp. It's not out of the question that she may have assumed that Linda made the dessert for me. (That, and the fact that I once broiled a cake instead of baking it when I was younger.)

But I made it. And since the miracle of baking may never happen again I took the cue from all those blogs I love and took a photo of my masterpiece.

Take a long look. Enjoy it. Because the odds of this blog ever focusing on cooking/baking again are... let's see... nonexistent.

But for the record, Riley thought it was delicious.


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  1. your apple crisp looks delicious!

  2. Hi, I just randomly found your blog (through jesusneedsnewpr) and thought it was cool that I too, am a Panther who frequented St., I just wanted to pop over and say hi!