Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doing Doga

I was watching Nightline the other night, trying to make sure I'm well-informed about worldly events as there is a major election coming up. My cable package doesn't include any news channels (which I think is insane, by the way... every basic lineup should include news), so Nightline it is my supplement to Meet the Press on Sundays.

Before you all start getting impressed... I watch General Hospital every day too. And One Life to Live if I'm being totally honest.

So anyway, the intellectual side of me was watching Nightline and they had a really informative and relevant report... about Doga.

Doga, you say? Is that an ancient religion? Maybe a fringe terrorist group? Leader of some remote village in Africa?

No... it's doggy yoga. Nightline ran a timely report about people who take their dogs to a specialized yoga class. Oh - and you can buy Doga videos now, too. You know, in case your dog's schedule is too tight to fit in going to the gym.

I think by now any of you who have read my site for more than a day have come to the conclusion that I love my dog. I love him so much I'm not even sure I think he's a dog anymore. I know for certain HE doesn't think he's a dog. But even with those revelations I want to assure you Riley will NEVER do Doga. And he won't be wearing anything from the Doga clothing line that is for sale. So you can all rest easy knowing I haven't completely lost my mind or gone over the edge.

Now Santa outfits... those are a whole different story...


  1. that is too cute.

    I agree- everyone should have FREE access to DECENT and reliable news.

  2. Hilarious!!!!!!! I am not sure Maxie has the attention span to go doggie yoga!

    By the way...I am so addicted to General Hospital that my mom literally records it to a DVD weekly and sends it to me! Is that not insane???? I love me some GH!

  3. Tell Riley I want Uno Attack for Christmas. And maybe a Cata video for Bandido. We're pretty sure he's crazy. Maybe it will help.

    I used to watch Days of Our Lives sporadically. And one day the t.v. was left on and Passions played. I felt like I was surveying the scene of an accident. So many bizarre things were happening. So I watched that one every once in a while, but I didn't inhale.

    Tippa that's funny. What a nice mom you have.

  4. You guys are so funny... since Riley is obviously Santa's mascot we'll see what we can do for Frito Bandido, Anita! :)

    @Tippa... sounds like Santa already comes to you once a week, but if I didn't get the episodes until later I'd totally be looking online for spoilers of what happened. I'm not good at waiting. I'm one of those read the last page of the book half way through kind of girls.

  5. Oh girl, it is so hard! I am actually about 3 weeks behind (mail takes a little while, then it is hard to sit down and watch all episodes,etc so they stack up on me). Anyway, I do get spoilers...and it is hard! I like to know what is happening too...but I always go back and watch the episodes anyway! She puts Grey's Anatomy on the DVD as well! I love my mom!!! She is addicted to GH as she understands the need!!!

  6. I love your dog Riley . I have a jack Russell Terrier named Rocky Road. He is people too. We just fond out a week ago that my hubby has lung cancer ( stage 4) not good . This dog adores my hubby. He takes him for 2 mile walks several times a week. I have COPD and can't walk him. I just know how devastating this will be to my dog in later weeks. The time is (with chemo) maybe a year. Six months(with no treatment)We are devastated ! I loveyour blog ! Keep on wth the positive outlook !