Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By The Chimney with Care...

What does company visiting at Thanksgiving mean in my world? Someone to get the Christmas decorations out of my garage, of course! :) Since I don't have a honey of my own, when my dad comes to town he gets the list of honey-dos that accumulate in his absence. This visit: retrieve decorations.


This lovely little tree is one that I got a few years ago as a throw-away from mom's interior design store. The base of the vase was broken, and dad (being the honey-doer that he is) super glued it together for me to use in my home. He also super glued his fingers together and I learned some new swear words from him when it happened, so it was an educational experience for all of us. :)

My friend Nicole sends me a new ornament for the tree every year and it has really filled out quite nicely. The cute little plates are from Nicole's mom, Clarita, and they make a nice little addition to the festive display. Clarita's full name is Clarita Culpepper, which really adds nothing to this story other than the fact that I think it's fun to say her name out loud. (It takes very little to entertain me.)

This little tree is my easiest decoration every year because rather than taking everything off and redecorating it, I just put a garbage bag over it and put it on a shelf in the garage. Remove the bag and, Voila! Instant Christmas!


This year, though, I get TWO trees! :) This one is sitting on top of Riley's kennel in my red room (where I spend most of my time). This was my Thanksgiving surprise when mom and dad came to visit and I'm loving it. I'm starting to wonder why the soft glow of a Christmas tree isn't encouraged year-round, but I've decided I may start a tradition and declare this a red-room tree and never put it away. I don't think Riley will care one way or the other and all of my friends pretty much know I'm nutty already, so I shouldn't get too many complaints.


These are my snow babies... I'm not really the "collector" type, but when my friend's daughter Alex was little (she's the one who wanted to be sick like me when she grew up) I would give her a snow baby every year for Christmas and they started returning the gesture in kind. Before I knew it I had a little wonderland. I couldn't fit any more on my piano if I tried, but it's one of my favorite little decorative additions over the holidays. And for the record, I don't make Dawn dust the top of the piano this time of year... no one deserves that kind of knick knack torture.


And this display is my actual all-time favorite decoration. I love the Willow Tree figurines and three of my friends (Susie, Meg and Jenny) got this for me one time as a surprise when I came home from a long hospital stay (I've told you I have the nicest friends ever). I love it because it's from them, and because the nativity scene was always my favorite thing when I was a little girl. That little baby Jesus was taken out of his manger and re-swaddled more than any real live baby would ever need in a lifetime. We eventually got a new one when Joseph lost a nose and the donkey was missing half of its body... but I kind of wish we still had that Jesus in the manger. Just sentimental, I guess.


And this is the one stocking, hung by the chimney with care.

The stocking reads, "The Boss." I don't think any further explanation is really necessary.


  1. i wanna have Christmas at your house! that is some fine, cozy lookin fun right there!

    does the Boss get gifts?

  2. your place looks so cozy! i love all the decorations, too!

  3. Love your decorations. Love Riley's cute. Your trees are really pretty.

  4. Just Perfect! Merry Christmas Sara, Merry Merry Christmas!

  5. I simply love your decorations. They give a nice cozy home feeling even over the computer! The red room is really cool as red is my favorite color but the nativity scene is most beautiful. One because of the story as to who gave it to you and two because I love nativity scenes and have taken to collecting them! Have a blessed day, Sara!

  6. The spirit of Christmas oozes through your photos! Snow babies are an integral part of our decorating too. I am right there with everyone else, "cozy, warm and inviting." Thanks for spreading the cheer :)

  7. I also have the Willow Tree Nativity and love it! My husband started buying me a piece for Christmas every year once we got married and now, after 8 years of wedded bliss, my set is complete! I just love it, and love knowing that we "built" it together.

    Now, where is your stocking Sara?

  8. You are quite the decorator!

    I guess you get this from your mother?

  9. Gitz,
    I love the little tree in your bedroom idea! I spend most of my time in my bedroom too (due to disability), and I just recently added a reading nook - hoping to get to spend some time OUT of the bed. I don't see much of my tree though since it's downstairs in the living room . . . so I LOVE the idea to put a tree in there!!
    Enjoyed your pics - great job decorating!
    Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

  10. Oh I love the decorations! Your trees are beautiful:) You and your mom have quite a flair!
    I'm gonna go on record as voting for the tree to stay up in the red's the thing, you could switch a few little ornaments out with the seasons: snowflakes in January, Hearts- February, Easter eggs-March, umbrellas-April, flowers-May, shells-June, Flags-July,August...haven't a clue, I live in the deep south,I hate August :)...September-School buses and #2 Pencils :), October-pumkins, November-turkeys...(isn't it obvious I've worked with 1st graders!!!)
    Love you and feel cozier just looking at you snuggly home.

  11. I love the decor. You are inspiring me to share my decorations with the blog world. I especially love the willow tree nativity scene as well. I don't have a willow tree one, but I do have one as I feel that's the most important part of Christmas. As for the stocking, you need one on the mantel too missy!!

  12. What I like most about you decorations is that each represents a memory. They speak to family and friends.

    Your manger scene is so beautiful in it's simplicity.

    Your decorations speak more to the true spirit of Christmas then all the lights at Rockefeller Plaza.

    I am going to guess that Riley would give St. Nick a hard time if he came down your chimney, unless he brought some prime quality dog food.

  13. Is Riley a Bichion? I have A Bichion named Brinkley and he is my love. If y ou go to my blog you will see his pictures.
    Love your baby....
    Polly and Steve

  14. How warm and cozy everything looks! I just love it. He is one lucky dog I'll tell ya.

  15. You have a piano... But, do I remember correctly that you don't play?

  16. I love your home. Even w/o the decorations I love it. It is SO HOMEY. And I love all of the decorations! :D I'm quite a fan of Willow Tree too. I have lots! ;-)

    I read this post while listening to you sing. It was quite a festive moment for me. :D