Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gitz Bits 2011: Week 2

Hey, Peeps.

I'm posting my Gitz Bits here for you as usual, but I'm also guest posting it on Jessica's site, The Mom Creative, today.

Jess hosts this Project Life carnival every week, but last week her family had to say goodbye to her Nana. She had been ill and struggling with Alzheimer's, and it was a sad and emotional week for all of them. Rather than try to rush and pull her own post together, we're just throwing mine over there to fill in for the week.

If you have a minute, hop over and shower her with some love today as she jumps back into her hectic life. We all know what it's like to manage grief and real life... and every encouraging word matters.

Thanks, friends.

gitz bits 2011 2

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Needless to say, it's a good thing I took my picture for the day at the start of this game.

It's funny how social media can infiltrate every part of our lives. Even team sports. Before I became good friends with Tam, I had never even heard of the Ducks. Now, suddenly, I am rooting for them with abandon. Sadly, I couldn't pull them through their bowl game like I did the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Yes. I do take credit for team wins. I have no doubt they can hear me cheering from here. :)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Riley, on the other hand, has had it. He is fully ready for this crazy football season with bowl games every night to be o-v-e-r.

"I'm right here, lady. And you haven't petted me in the last 73 seconds. Check your priorities."

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yes, that says "Smoothie" ... and I can drink it!

I can't tell you how impossible it is to try and find a good fruit smoothie that doesn't contain whey. And the ones that don't have whey inevitably contain some immune booster like Echinacea that counteracts my autoimmune meds.

But finally, Bolthouse Farms took pity on this girl and made one that was tasty and whey free and allowed with my medications. And it doesn't even bother my stomach.

It's like God himself came down and said, "I'm finally giving you a break on this one, kid."

Hey, I'll take whatever I can get.Smile

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


This screen shot is my photo for the day.

Guys, you all know what my weeks have been like since the last reaction. It's not been pretty. And I'm trying to keep my spirit of optimism fully intact, but there are some days I have to work a little harder at that than others.

But then. THEN. I get this random, out of the blue, no reason whatsoever Facebook message from my 17-year-old nephew who I love more than I love breathing.

{Here's a photo so you know which one I'm talking about...}IMG_0172

And it literally made everything happy. I called and offered to move him to the top spot on my will, but since I'm broke I'm not sure that really says much. So I offered him my right arm should he ever need it.

But since he's already really good with a jump shot I think he's going to opt to keep his own.

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Friday, January 14, 2011


Speaking of fun things that made the week better...

My brother-in-law Jeff put me on their phone plan so I could get this texting machine.

Otherwise known as a cell phone. But to me, it's a total texting machine.

At some point we realized that if the electricity ever went out in my place, I had absolutely no way of contacting anyone for help. My internet would be out, my phone is modem-based to save money, and my Lifeline button wouldn't work either [there would be no way to say, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"].

So we got a cell phone for such emergencies and it turns out it has unlimited texting. Which means I have an easier way to keep in touch with friends when I have no voice. Like now.

Happy. Happy. Happy. When you are stuck in the house for the rest of your life with no voice to talk to people, trust me when I tell you technology becomes your very best friend.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


The only bad part is when you get super excited over another way of communicating with people, only to discover your body isn't cooperating.

By Friday night my left thumb and wrist had swollen to a ridiculous size and I was trying to text with only my right hand. This disease just never makes things simple. But technology came to the rescue again when I realized the phone had Bluetooth and I was able to link my external keyboard to the phone.

It wouldn't sync the first 783 times I tried it and then it magically connected. I have no idea what I did or did not do to make it happen, so I'm just chalking this one up to Jesus liking me.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I decided today I was going to take a photo of something outside of my bedroom so Physical Therapist Ted could have some proof that I actually do get up and do laps with George around the condo like I'm supposed to.

During that lap I imagined the figurines in this nativity un-posing and declaring, "Dude. Even the wise men have come and gone. It's time for you to let us move on."

Sigh. Christmas is really over.

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Thanks for once again sharing my week with me! Click on the button below if you want to go to Jessica’s site and check out the other participants showing off their weekly photos as well:

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