Monday, January 31, 2011

Kids' Encouraging Words

Every once in a while, when I'm sitting here in the quiet, thinking of these two little people and the words that came out of their mouths during their last visit can CRACK. ME. UP.

IMG_3856 s&f

To tell this story, you first need to know that my mom looks like this:


Meaning that her hair and Riley's matches almost exactly. Years ago, when she took Riley to the vet for me, it was widely joked that they could all see the family resemblance. White hair definitely runs in our family.

Now, mine is not that inundated with white. But the hair that is turning gray isn't really turning gray at all. It's turning white. And there seems to be more and more of it the past few years.

Being sick, my hair isn't as healthy as it used to be, so I decided a few months ago that I would stop coloring it and let the natural progression of white take over. But then I thought about the Shan Clan coming, and all the pictures that would be taken, and I thought I'd color it just one more time.

But the dark brown with a touch of red actually turned into fire engine red.


People, I love Lucy. But not that much.

So I called my friend Meg and she ran and got me another box of color so I could try and fix it before my friends got here. And it did fix it. Kind of. It turned out ok in the pictures, unless the light hit it just right. And then it became a shade of purple I just can't describe.

Eliana could, though.

IMG_3851 s&f

This little lovey, who is always telling me I'm pretty and beautiful, would turn to me as we were curled up in bed and the light was streaming in the window to say, "Aunt Sara, your hair is just the prettiest color purple I've ever seen."

I would thank her and tell her I was so glad she liked it, as her mother tried diligently to not choke on her own saliva.

IMG_3363 bw

But my Hannah, being older and wiser, knew that telling someone their hair looked purple probably wasn't the highest of compliments.

So she did her best to make me feel better.

She turned to me and said, "Oh, Aunt Sara, I don't think your hair is really all that purple. It's just that you're so sick and all the purple under your eyes is bringing out the color."

She was right. I did feel much better.

Laughter is always the best medicine. :)

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