Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How's Your Hair?

I didn't want to leave you all hanging with a blank blog for two days in a row, so we're going with the old standby:

bad hair day

It's been a rough couple weeks, but I'm hoping things are starting to calm down a little. I'm going to try to finish processing my photos today so I can get my Gitz Bits for the week up tomorrow.

I like to keep at least some semblance of order in my life, even when that doesn't seem possible. So while I can live with calling in a bad hair day once in awhile, the thought of getting a whole week behind on my weekly photos is just too much chaos for me. :)

So, we all know I've been having a "bad hair day" lately... but how about you? I'm feeling totally out of touch. Want to keep me company in the comment section? How's your hair [life] been looking these days?

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