Saturday, October 1, 2016

Choose Surrender Day 1 -- His Grace

John 19:30 “When He had received the drink, Jesus said, It is finished.”

As we begin this journey of choose surrender, I believe we need to start by trusting that His death on the cross has blessed us with His forgiveness. We have received His precious gift of grace.

Sara’s story shows us that we have to go through the pain and sadness of working through the hard stuff for us to see and experience God’s beautiful and glorious gifts for us.

God knows all and sees all. He knows and sees that we will make it through the trials and pain we experience. He ultimately knows we can make it through, because He knows what is on the other side. It is us who have to surrender ourselves to trust that.

I often ask myself…How many times does God have to prove His grace to me? I saw His grace in Sara’s story. I have felt His grace several times in my own life's trials. Whether it was the difficulty of losing dad and Sara or the heartache of going through a divorce…there are various seasons in life that have brought pain and hurt…yet I have always made it through. I may not see or feel the grace in the midst of the storm, but He has always revealed it to me. I have always come through the storm stronger and deeper faith.

Be still. Surrender. Receive His grace. Receive His comfort. Receive His love. 

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