Friday, October 28, 2016

Choose Surrender Day 28: Thy will be done...

"I didn't realize until tonight that peace doesn't come from putting my life in God's hands, it comes from the knowledge that it's not mine to begin with. It has been His from the beginning. I in my humanness must step aside and let Him do His work through me, because I am His."

I found the above quote in a journal of Sara's after she passed away. It didn't have a date on it, so I don't know specifically where she was at in her journey.  What I pictured was her in prayer struggling to find peace in her life when she was facing so much unknown.

What was going to happen with her health?
How was she going to pay her bills?
What was her purpose in life?
Will she ever be able to go outside again?

I can only imagine that there were these and many other questions rolling around in her head, with no easy answers. 

Until the point she wrote the above quote. Until she heard wisdom that only God could provide. 

She found peace when she realized it wasn’t about her putting her life in God's hands, because it really wasn't her life to begin with.

It isn't our life, it isn't our bodies, it isn't ours… It's His.

How selfish we have become with lives that are really God's. We must start living our lives selflessly instead of selfishly. God calls us to serve others, not ourselves.

It doesn’t matter the topic. It could be the topic of abortion or gender; ethnicity or social class. The point is, we don't have the right to make decisions about anything without surrendering to God. We don't have a right to make decisions that are His to make. Our role is the step aside and let God take the wheel. Let Him do His work through us.

In the Lord's prayer we say "…thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." We are praying that something will happen that has not yet happened. We are praying that God will bring about His heavenly purpose on earth. We are praying that God would use us to do His will. We are making ourselves available to do the will of our heavenly Father, to fulfill his purpose.

Finding peace and joy in life will come from surrendering our lives to God and realizing that not only is it not about us, it's not really ours to begin with.

If we really trust Him, believe that He doesn't make mistakes and surrender our lives to Him, what would our world be like?
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