Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 10 Choose Surrender: The Eternal Perspective

My husband and I are part of a small group through our church. One of the books we read and studied was The Story, by Randy Frazee. I loved the way Randy talked about two different stories unfolding with every story in the bible. The lower story and the upper story.

In the lower story, just like the stories we read in the bible, we are dealing with things in the here and now. Things that are part of our day to day lives; paying bills, going to work, dealing with conflict, etc. In the upper story we are learning how God is weaving our story into His divine story for us, which is returning to live in love with Him for all eternity.

So how do we know and understand how God is weaving our lower story into His upper story? By trusting His plan and surrendering to Him. By fulfilling the mission He sent us to achieve in this lower story before we head back home to Him. 

My sister Sara was part of a group of (in)courage bloggers. (In)courage put together a beautiful video of several friends Sara met through her blog These friends shared their perspective on Sara's joy and the difference she made in their lives.

I want to share with you a clip of that video as Alece describes for us how Sara was able to live out her lower story while trusting the upper story plan God had for her.

Alece's perspective on how Sara was able to choose joy speaks to the importance in our life of how we must surrender our lower story life to God in order to one day experience the love and joy of our upper story with God.

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