Sunday, October 30, 2016

Choose Surrender Day 30: A Living Prayer

Being known as a living prayer...that is how Sara wanted to be remembered.

Sara believed it would be found in the reflection of others when they are touched by you. It would be seen in the joy that others would find contagious, and in the compassion that others would feel in your words and deeds. The kind word for no reason, the intentional way of listening and the hand outstretched to give and to receive.

When I read through and reflect on these words from Sara, I think being a living prayer is when you live a life where your spiritual and day to day life are no longer separate. Rather, they are woven together in harmony with each other. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to "pray without ceasing." We are able to pray without ceasing when we have reached this beautiful harmony of our spiritual and daily life.

Lisa Jo Baker,  author of the book Surprised by Motherhood and writer at (in)courage, described Sara as someone who "had one foot firmly planted here and the other firmly planted in Heaven. That Sara wasn't afraid to go, but she was being brave to stay." Lisa Jo described Sara as someone who showed us both sides of home...our home here on earth and our home in Heaven." I would say this is an example of our daily life and spiritual life being in harmony. This is a true example of what it means to be a living prayer.

Sara gifted us by showing us a life of surrender. A life that is not exempt from hurt and troubles, but through the hurt and troubles we can see the hope and grace of Jesus. A life where we can trust His word and truth despite the troubles we experience. A life of experiencing God continuously...never feeling apart from Him. By surrendering her life to God, Sara saw God's light and no amount of darkness she experienced could change the love and grace of Jesus.

Sara was a living prayer, and an example of how when we surrender our life to God, we will experience a daily joy that is found when we live a life in harmony with our spiritual life.

Be a living prayer.
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