Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 4 Choose Surrender -- I am His.

I don’t think there is anyone who can’t say they have been through difficult times in their lives. Some individuals may go through more difficulty in their life due to dealing with disease and/or death, but all of us have experienced pain and heart ache.

I remember talking with Sara at various times when she needed encouragement. One thing that frustrated her more than the difficulty she was going through, is when people would tell her the reason she wasn’t healed was because she didn’t believe enough. Or they would tell her if she really wanted to be healed she would need to visit a special Holy place to pray in order for her to be healed.

Sara’s response to those comments was, “There is only one God, and He is not mine, I am His.” Sara did go to God with her wants, needs and desires. And then, she surrendered! Sara always said that this life was not about her wants, needs and desires. This life was about doing whatever God needed from her. Sara wanted her eyes to be open so she didn’t miss the purpose He had for her.

Did Sara pray for healing? Yes. Did Sara pray that her pain would subside? Yes. Did Sara trust God and surrender her life to Him? Yes!

God had a mission and purpose for her life. The disease and the pain were part of the journey. Her trust and surrender gave her the strength to fulfill God’s purpose here on earth. Her trust and surrender opened her heart to Joy!

Do you pray to God and then ultimately surrender to what He needs from you? Or, do you wait until He answers you with what you want? If your want doesn’t line up with His, do you still trust Him? 
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