Monday, June 13, 2011

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Are you all sitting down?

Seriously. If you're reading this on your phone or something, stop immediately and sit down. Because this one is a doozy.

Back around Christmastime, I had gotten a little plaque for my classroom of kids to hang in their room at school. Just a little something from me to them, to thank them for their letters. Because Tyler is in this class, I put the plaque in a little gift bag and sent it with his mom, Susie, so Ty could deliver it to school.


Simple enough, right?

Flash forward a few days when Tyler nonchalantly says to Suz, "Hey, Mom. What's up with the Scooby Doo?"

She has no idea what he's talking about as he continues, "You know, what's up with Sara and the swim trunks?"

She asks him what in the world he's talking about, to which he replies, "I just don't understand why Sara gave us Scooby Doo swim trunks. No one at school got it."

She looked at him like he was nuts, when suddenly the light bulb went off in her head. And the panic set into her heart. She raced into the other room to discover that there, in the corner, was my bag. Plaque still in tact. Which means in it's place she had handed over what she referred to as "an identical bag" of Scooby Doo boxers that had just recently been given to her husband as a gag gift.

As it turns out, my friend Deb {the teacher} primed the entire classroom full of children to get excited over a gift I had given them. And in a great flourish of excitement, she pulled out and held up in front of the class of first and second graders a pair of MEN'S SCOOBY DOO BOXERS.

One of the little girls asked if they were swim trunks, to which Deb replied, "Yes. Yes, they are…" then shoved them back in the bag and tried to go on with class.

Susie told me she called Deb immediately and Deb was so relieved to hear it was a mix up. Because she couldn't understand what the boxers were about either.

To which I immediately asked, "Why in the world didn't someone think this was a mix up in the first place? Did no one immediately think that I knew better than to send men's boxers to a room full of children?"

And this is where Susie really started laughing. She said Deb knew I was in a lot of pain these days and on heavy medication, so she didn't want me to feel bad if I had done something odd!

Which was only made funnier by the fact that the week prior I had sent Susie an email saying "I left you a check to pay for the Norwex {cleaning rags}" and the iPad autocorrected it to "I left you a check to pay for the horses" without me realizing it.

Rather than call to ask me, she called her husband and expressed her concern about me and my pain level!!!

Oh. My. Word.

So, this is my official public declaration that I am in a lot of pain. And I do take a lot of narcotics. But please let your first instinct be that I have kept my sanity. :)

class scooby

Thankfully these kids thought the mix up of "swim trunks" was as funny as I did, so Deb sent a photo of the plaque with the two bags that Susie claimed looked "exactly alike."

Notice one is black and the other is brown. I think we should all be a little concerned about Susie's pain level, friends…


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