Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doggone Crazy

I know you'll find it hard to believe that my perfect angel pooch could possibly do anything wrong. I mean, that sweet adorable face of his just sits in his kennel innocently waiting for me to come home after I've been gone from his sight, right?

The following photos are ones that I took over two years ago, before I realized he developed his separation anxiety and need for medications...

hp photosmart 720
For the record, I had set the garbage bag up on top of the dining room table since I knew I was leaving, but didn't want to try to carry the bag to the dumpster. I had actually been in that situation before where I did something "manual" like putting garbage in a dumpster, and then was unable to go out with my friends because it would flare up my pain. But I wasn't risking it this time, baby. I was using my noggin and thought setting it on top of the table would be totally out of reach for the pipsqueak dog.

hp photosmart 720 

So, it was on this particular evening that I learned my dog could jump so high he could have a career as a circus performer. He apparently kept jumping next to the table until he caught a corner of the bag in his teeth and it fell over onto the carpet.
Notice in the first photo he is powerful enough to drag the heavy bag I didn't want to risk lofting into the dumpster all the way across the room... leaving in it's wake a trail of garbage that required clean up. My clean up. After an evening out for supper when I had already expended all my energy.

IMG_1297 "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... "

And this is what a dog looks like after he's had a bath in the sink because there was left over spaghetti in the garbage and he managed to get an orange stain all over his mouth. You would be able to properly see the fine work I did making him shiny white again if it wasn't for the bars blocking your view. He was in prison longer than I care to admit on this blog.

So let's be real... I don't leave the house much anymore, but I don't come home to World War III in my living room either. Always reminding myself of the silver linings, people. And Riley has a silver lining of his own... he enjoys my stay-at-home status because when he lays in his kennel now it's for relaxation, not imprisonment... most days. :)


  1. Oh, poor baby!!!!!! And poor you!

  2. With that sweet face? How can that dog possibly be such a troublemaker;)