Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For the Birds

Before all this breathing nonsense started a few weeks ago (the steroids are helping, by the way), I was able to catch a couple pictures of my little wren family that lives in the bird house right outside my sliding glass door. I cannot believe how much I enjoy these birds and the beautiful melody they sing. I always thought of them as something to shoo away for fear they'd leave their droppings on my patio, but they've been excellent tenants and have kept the area around the house quite tidy. Let's just say they'd get their deposit back if they decided to move to a classier neighborhood.

They first laid claim to the bird house last year... and unlike my Grandma Rita I have absolutely no knowledge of birds whatsoever, so I had to snap some photos of them to email mother and have her tell me what they were. The bird house was given to me a few years ago by my friend Susie, who gave me the hummingbird feeder in the photo below for my birthday this year:
Which is only funny because the woman hates birds. Apparently they used to swoop at her head when she'd walk into the barn on the farm where she grew up. Blonde hair must have been an enticing addition to their nests, because I was in a lot of barns growing up and not one bird went for my brunette head.
Thus disproving the theory that blondes always have more fun...


  1. Hi Frankl,

    I just wanted to pop in to say hi. I've been reading your blog for several weeks now and I enjoy your insights and the thoughts that you provoke after I read.

    Emma happened to walk by the computer this morning as I was reading and saw the picture of Riley. She loves dogs. She asked, "What doggy is that Mommy? I like that doggy. I want to see that doggy tomorrow!". Maybe one of these days, if we ever make it up your way!


  2. Are you saying that Susie's hair looks like a bird nest?? HA!!