Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You're So Vain

I've created a monster.

Every time I try to capture my pup on video running through the house like a crazy dog, he sees me grab the camera and stops to strike a pose.

Right before these photos were taken, he was doing his low run through the house... tearing from the living room, back the the red room, sailing through the air to land on the couch and then turning around to do it all over again.

And you're missing it.

Because he's vain. And I taught him to be vain by doing this:

So pretty much, you may never see him running and doing cute things on video because the only trick I have ever taught the dog is how to sit still for a Cheerio... and he now thinks if he sits still every time the camera is out he'll be in Cheerio heaven.

And no, I'm not totally insane... I know you're not sitting at home weeping about not seeing my cute dog run laps. But if you knew what you were missing, you'd be begging me to train him to run around for Cheerios. I guarantee it.


  1. I have a Riley too - though he looks very different than your little guy. And he sometimes takes over my blog when I am not looking ...

  2. He's just adorable! I miss the little fella! You too!

  3. Hi Sara! Oh my goodness, I wish I could see Riley tear through the house! My Maxie does the same thing and she loves it. She is a little poser too when the camera is pulled out. I LOVE the Cheerio trick! So precious! Oh these babies!

    Hope you are feeling better!