Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spilling Secrets

Remember last week when I wrote about how I love sharing other people's joys and living vicariously through them? 

That hasn't changed.

So, I've known a secret for awhile. That happens a lot... people telling me their secrets. And I just got permission last week that I now could tell that secret to anyone I wanted. Right now I'm just hoping my friend remembers that I have a blog. Because I want to tell all of you.

My friend Nicole... the one who loves New Kids on the Block and using walkie-talkies with me... is PREGNANT. 


Can you tell I'm excited? Just imagine the biggest grin you've ever seen, and you'll know what my face has looked like for weeks. Nicole and her husband Josh have two of the cutest little girls you've ever seen, and I can't think of luckier babies on the planet than these twins. They are going to be welcomed into a beautiful family.

I have to say that since I was one of the first to know and have been praying obsessively for the health of these two little beings (who I have been lovingly referring to as Jekyle and Hyde), I feel quite a bit of responsiblity for them. 

And they way I figure it, I have about six months to convince them that one of those babies should live here with me.

Think they'll go for it?



  1. they shouldn't be selfish and keep two for themselves while you have none, right....?

    congratulations to your friend nicole!

  2. They could at least name one for you - or for Riley maybe? Riley is an excellent name as you know. ☺

  3. Congratulations to your friend! I'm a twin - it's such a gift!

  4. I came across your blog from Pete Wilson's. Congrats to you friend. I have a set of identical twin girls and they are a joy. They are almost 4 now. Tell her to hook up with a twin group as they are great help with any questions she may have. She can find one in her local area at.... God Bless.