Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World's Largest Cheeto...

Are you ready for this?

The town where I grew up, the place that made me the woman I am today, has a claim to fame. Algona is the home of the World's Largest Cheeto.

And man, am I proud. :)

I had to search for this photo on Flickr as I have never actually laid eyes on the large cheeto in person, and seeing it now gives me a slight urge to hide under the table. Not because I'm embarrassed of being from the town of the World's Largest Cheeto...

Nope, it's because they obviously forgot to consult my mother on tasteful design. Then again, I don't know what design would go better with a cheeto than a purple pillow and some gold spray-painted pine cones.

Who knows... maybe it is increasing tourism. It certainly does scream, look at me! I have a few outfits I wore in high school that probably screamed the same thing, but since it's my blog and I have creative control you'll be spared those photos.

One frightening image from Algona is more than you'll ever need.


  1. Ha, that is funny! Although it looks more like glass, than it does a cheeto?

    Hope your feeling ok! Your blog gets me thru some bad times. Fibromyalgia is a challenge that I still cant quite wrap my mind around.

  2. Okay never mind, I see its on the TOP of the crazy glass sculpture.

    That is a big cheeto alright.

  3. Hey, Marisa... I'm so glad the blog helps and if you ever need anything, just let me know. Pain is no fun, no matter what the cause. Hope you're day is a good one...


  4. Sara - my hometown's (Pisgah) claim to fame is the "Old-Home-Filler-Up-And-Keep-On-Trucking-Cafe" so I think we have you beat! It was great to see you tonight. It has been too long since we last talked and laughed. Thanks for being you. Take care and I'll stop by the next time I'm in town! Love ya, Doug

  5. Sadly, Giant Chee-tos are now being manufactured. They are all bigger than the former world's biggest Chee-to.