Thursday, July 24, 2008

One More Cheeto Thing

As I was writing the previous post it reminded me of a time, about five years ago, when the Cheeto buzz came to be. We here in Cedar Falls were hearing through the National News, as well as Jimmy Kimmel Live, that Algona had acquired The World's Largest Cheeto and that a parade was being planned in its honor.

A parade. In it's honor.

Again, the pride is overwhelming. Personally I found it to be a hilarious little anecdote and had many conversations with people asking me what I thought the parade would look like. Since I really only attended our high school Homecoming parades, I tried to imagine the possible float. The only thing that came to my mind was a Garrigan Golden Bear eating the Cheeto for a snack... and I had this sneaking suspicion that wasn't going to be a viable option.

I actually missed the Jimmy Kimmel taping, so didn't get to see for myself how big the hoopla really was. Again, I'm sure it was spectacular. But shortly thereafter I was at a bar with a guy I was dating, meeting a large group of his friends for the first time. We all got along great, chatting and drinking away, when at some point in the night one of the girls asked me where I was originally from. So I told her... "Algona. Home of the World's Largest Cheeto!" 

After she recovered from laughing so hard beer spit out of her mouth, we had a lengthy and sarcasm-filled discussion about the grand Cheeto. Then my date sauntered over to the table and realized our seemingly in-depth, intellectual conversation was about THE Cheeto... and he might have been just a little bit incredulous. Maybe it was embarrassment. Or maybe he was just impressed by our Cheeto aptitude. I believe the comment was... "The two people in my life who can talk more than anyone else on the planet can think of nothing to discuss but the Cheeto???"

And we couldn't... we were quite content to laugh about Cheetos and come up with Cheeto scenarios, and maybe at that point we stayed on the Cheeto kick just to get under someone's skin a little bit.

But as I sit here now, single ... once again writing about the Cheeto, I think I'm beginning to see this may be where it all started to go wrong.

Due to my stay-at-home status, I'm not exactly a dating machine (read: not at all) so I figure I can safely talk about Cheetos to my heart's content. But if you are dating, heed my advice: if your man can't handle talk about the Cheeto... it may mean he's just not cheesy enough for you.

(Bad joke, I know! I know! But we're talking about Cheetos here... how did you expect this to end?!?!?!)   :)


  1. I want the cheese!

    ... you cant HANDLE the cheese!

    bad jack nicholson impression, I know.

  2. Who couldnt handle cheeto talk? It's only the best chip IN THE WORLD! :)