Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feels Like Home

I remember when the transition of "being home" changed from my parents' home to living here in Cedar Falls. I was in college and had come back to see some siblings that were at mom and dad's for the weekend... I rarely passed up an opportunity to see my nieces and nephews so when they came for a visit I usually did as well.

It was Sunday morning so we had gone to church and were having brunch at The Chrome (THE place to be after church in Algona) ... I had my car packed up and ready to go and was planning on heading out as soon as we were finished eating. Everyone was stuffed to the gills and chatting aimlessly as so often happens after a good meal, so I turned to mother and told her it was probably time for me to head home.

She didn't like the sound of that.

"You are home, Sara. You're heading back to college."

Oops. I quickly tried to back track, but on the drive back to college I realized that home had changed. My home with my parents had become what it must for every kid growing up - my childhood home. The home you are always welcomed back to, but also the place that made you strong enough and secure enough to create a home of your own.

My life obviously progressed quite differently than I thought it would - there is no husband or children to keep me where I am (and I'm pretty sure Riley would follow me anywhere). I've had a number of people ask me over the years, especially in the past few when my health has gotten worse, why I don't move back to Algona to be closer to my parents. Believe me, it's not because they haven't offered. It's because I've created a family here that I wouldn't want to leave.

I find I never have words to adequately describe my friendships... I can only say that I hope every one of you reading this has the chance to be as blessed as I have been. I've talked about it before but it bears repeating that I have friends who go above and beyond by welcoming me into their lives and their families. This past weekend my friends Scott and Meg found themselves without their two kids and free to do whatever they wanted. So what do my friends do? They call me up to bring me lunch and hang out. I know it probably sounds simple to you reading this... it's just lunch, right? 

Not to me. To me it's people taking time when they could be doing anything they wanted to show me they remember I'm here and I'm worth making the effort for. It's more than friendship, really. It's family. And it's just one example of the many different friends who treat me as such. I am blessed, people.

Now, for my favorite part of their visit on Sunday...

Remember this picture of Riley? He's wearing a harness.

But the fact that Scott kept calling it a thong is going to keep me laughing all week. 



  1. The first part of your blog had me nodding and remembering...and then Riley and his "thong" had me laughing out loud.

    How did you come up with the name "Riley"?

  2. Riley is so cute! I have been out of college for a year and now live with my husband about three hours from my parents. I call both places my home and I always expect people to just know which one I am talking about. I usually get blank stares and then have to explain to them that I mean my home or my parents home. To me they are both my home. Its nice to know that I can return "home" at anytime but I am enjoying my grown-up home! I love discovering new blogs and can't wait to read more of yours! I found you by your comment on the pioneer woman.

  3. Yea, how did Riley get his name? I have an inquiring mind and want to know.

  4. Hmmm... I wish I could come up with a great story for how he got his name...

    We are of irish decent and my great-grandfather's last wish was that his name be carried on...

    No, really I had the name picked out before I even had the pup or knew if it was a boy or a girl. I had read that you should have a hard sounding first letter so they'll listen to you (didn't work), and I didn't want something too "cute" like Fluffy or Snowball or something.

    So, Riley stuck. But the great-grandfather thing sounds better, doesn't it? :)


  5. Riley is adorable! But it makes the picture even cuter to think of such a cute dog wearing a THONG!

    Oh my!

  6. Thong tha thong thong thong....LOL OMG that made me giggle!! Came across your blog from the Pioneer Woman's comments. SO cute!

  7. Hey SF:

    The more I think about it, it's a GI Joe thong! Excuse me in advance if I call Riley, Joe sometime :-)


  8. So true, Scotty... I may slip and call him Joe myself. I have to say I just can't look at him the same since you mentioned it... :)