Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello? Remember Me?

Yeah, he's about had it with this blogging thing. He's taken to resting his chin on the arm of my desk chair to express his displeasure and boredom. My blogging is just the latest focus of his jealousy... anything that distracts me from him becomes his worst nightmare.
Basically, if I want him to pay attention to me all I have to do is push the "talk" button on the telephone. The beeping sound alerts Riley to the fact that I may dare speak to someone other than him and within three seconds of pushing the button to dial he is on my lap, with a toy, licking my hands.
It's sad how neglected he is.
The other bane of his existence is a book. I've always been somewhat of a voracious reader. My sister Janette used to get annoyed with me because I could sit in one position for literally hours and not be aware of anything going on around me. She once told mom that she really thought I needed more fresh air... so I took to reading outside. To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a book and living another life entirely.
But for Riley, when I'm in that other life supplied by a novel I'm not paying attention to his life. So every chapter or so I see a cute black nose root itself underneath the book and pop up in front of my face. Or he's less subtle and just sets his body right over the pages. Nothing was worse than when the seventh Harry Potter book arrived at my doorstep at 4:00 in the afternoon and I didn't put it down until it was finished at 4:00 that morning. Honestly, I think Riley is still having flashbacks of those 12 hours of abandonment. In comparison, a few minutes of blogging everyday should be a thrilling alternative for him.
To tell you the truth, people, I think he's just nervous that if this diversion keeps up I may go crazy and start thinking I'm the alpha dog around here...
Right.  Like that'll ever happen.


  1. Maxie and Riley are so much a like! It makes me laugh! Maxie is the same way when I am on the computer or reading a book. I know I am on the computer a lot and I start to feel bad, like I am ignoring her when I should be playing with her. It is all about these babies, right??!!

    Check this out...

    This was a look she gave me as I was sitting at my desk on the computer. The stairs are right in front of me, so she walks up the stairs and puts that little adorable head through the railing and stares at me! Soooo sad and pitiful!!!

    Question for do you keep Riley's face so clean?? Maxie's eyes tear a lot so her little face is stained and it drives me crazy!

    Hope you are having a good week!

  2. Don't worry that'll never happen! :)

    I sit at the computer too long too! Like right now...aaggghhh I need to go get some coffee. Guam just woke up!

    PS I found you via Pioneer woman! :)

  3. You are SO CUTE!! I love the way you look at life and how you express yourself. I have a little American Bobtail cat ("Chica Mia"), otherwise known as Kitty. She hears the computer turn on and instantly knows the warm lap is available. I see you corresponding with Angie Smith and appreciate you so much! In Christ, Michal (Ann)

  4. awwwwwww
    such a sad looking little puppy dog face.