Monday, September 29, 2008


When I'm on the phone with friends, at some point in the conversation they get exasperated with their children. There are questions to be answered, fights to be resolved, or tears to be dried. And I love it. There's something about eavesdropping on the chaos that makes me feel like I'm in the thick of it.

I love getting to imagine the scene on the other end of the line... seeing Tyler wiggling in his pj's while he sings along to his toy recorder, "One little birdie, sittin' up high..." or picturing Ben running in the house all red-faced and sweaty with the door slamming behind him as he yells to his mom that he needs a snack. Hearing Nicole's girls giggling or hearing Meg whispering to her daughter because Miss Taylor has handed her a note saying that she has a question (ever the polite one). I love picturing the sounds of living.

My friends, on the other hand, love when they have the stolen moments of peace and quiet on the phone. They usually call me from the car on their way to pick up the kids or on their way to the store when no one is with them. They call when the kids are out playing or when they're in the kitchen doing dishes (because that's a time they are guaranteed to be alone).

My friend Susie thinks I'm a jinx to the quiet. Her boys can be out playing or in bed or watching a movie, and the moment I get on the phone all hell breaks loose. Every time. Someone needs something or someone has to show her something or the dog knocks over a chair. Some random thing in the universe inevitably sprinkles activity back into a previously calm life.

It drives her crazy, but I think it's God's way of sprinkling my life with a little entertainment. While I regret it's at her expense, I love hearing every giggle, every exasperated question and every crash that follows. They were camping this weekend and Susie told me that out of the blue my boy Tyler told her that he felt bad for me. She asked him why, and he said because I was sick a lot... and that he can't come see me because he has a cold and that would make me get sick. The sweet little love of a kid.

I can't help but sit here and think if he only knew that all of his antics in every day life bring me more joy than I can measure, he wouldn't feel so bad for me anymore. I'll refrain from explaining it to him though, because I imagine in another ten years he'll try to use it as an excuse for being ornery and causing trouble. I can picture him as a teenager, with a serious tone and a sassy grin, "But mom, I'm doing it for Sara. We'd hate for her to be bored."



  1. This was such a cute post. And boy did it bring a smile and a memory or two. That always happened to me and my friends, the minute we got on the phone, all hell broke loose. That is just the way of it with kids. Never a dull moment.

    I just wanted you to know, I really enjoy your blog, and you have no idea how many times a week you pop into my mind. I alway send a prayer your way.

    Have a great week.

  2. What a cutie!

    I'm always thankful for the quiet in a home with three teenagers. Granted, it is much quieter than when they were little, but it can still get chaotic for time to time.

    Quiet soothes me in a world of chaos.

    Isn't it interesting how we each need different things in order to be fulfilled. I'm so thankful God reaches us where we are.

    Love you, Sara! Have a great day!

  3. What a great post! I always feel bad for the person on the other end of the phone when my kids will inevitably interrupt or I'll need to referee something. Maybe now I'll feel less bad for them! :o)

    I'm not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I'm glad I did. You are so positive and lovely! You have great insights, thank you for sharing.

    I've recently been going through some health issues and feeling a lot of self pity and fear, you really helped me to see things in another way.

    Thank you!

  4. You guys are all so nice... thanks for reading, but thanks even more for your prayers and good thoughts. I appreciate it!

    sara (gitz)

  5. LOVE this! So true. wow, maybe I'll consider returning phone calls to friends while my kids aren't napping for once! Maybe they'll enjoy the chaos.

  6. Sara, this post really hit home for me. One of the reasons I hesitate to call is because it never fails that one of the boys needs my attention the moment I pick up the phone. It is comforting to know that you would actually enjoy the chaos and interruptions. I totally make my phone calls from the car because I'm alone and it is peaceful for me. I love calling my sister in Vegas because she has no children and I may only hear light background music. Anyway, I just had to let you know that I totally related to your post today, and how much I enjoy reading them.

    I also wanted to let you know that I mentioned your name, other than prayer intentions, to my students today when I shared about myself. I do a star student activity with my class and I demonstrated with myself first - so I was the "star student." One of the areas I discussed was fun with friends, and I shared a picture of you, Riley, Susie, Meg, and me. Jon boy and Ben smiled from ear to ear as I shared and then afterward asked me about our next get together. You touch so many people and those boys think the world of you. Don't ever forget how special you are.

  7. At first, I used to think the little interruptions were annoying, but then had the same response - it's a sneak peek into their real lives... Into their everyday interactions. Being 1,000 miles away makes those moments all the more special.