Friday, September 26, 2008

Jury Duty

Yeah, someone obviously missed the memo that I can't leave my house.

I find it so funny that the world keeps turning and I'm not on some grand list informing people that I'm not turning with it. But since that list doesn't seem to exist, for the first time in my life I've been summoned to jury duty!

I obviously sent in a letter from my doctor explaining that jury duty and I wouldn't get along so well, and am assuming that I'll be excused from the process. But getting the summons got me thinking and I realized that even if I was fully healthy and capable:

I'd be the worst juror in the world.

Seriously. The thought of passing judgement on someone beyond a reasonable doubt... I don't think I'm decisive enough. I have watched WAY too many procedural dramas and movies (The Fugitive, anyone?) where people were wrongly convicted or the DNA gets mixed up at the lab or, let's face it, witnesses lie on the stand.

On the other hand, if I was on a jury where someone hurt a child, I would convict them without even hearing the evidence for fear that if we were wrong and freed a guilty person then we could put another innocent child in danger.

See my problem? It's called an imagination and mine would work overtime. That whole "based in fact" thing? I would be sitting in the jury box wondering about the entire life stories of all the key players and trying to figure out their motivations. For crying out loud, I try to analyze my dog's behavior on a regular basis and he can't even talk back when I cross examine him. (Although he can certainly throw me a lot of attitude.)

Exhibit A:


So I'm a little relieved that I'll be sticking with Law & Order on television instead of the real-life version. I've been over the moon about the fact that fall shows are finally premiering and there is something to watch other than reality television... but I think it's better that I'm not a part of any sort of courtroom drama in real life.


  1. What??? You don't love The Biggest Loser: Families?

    I hope they don't show up to arrest you for failure to appear. That would be bad. Better get confirmation on receipt of that letter.

    And suspects don't lie, do they? I mean, when the guys on COPS say, "Honestly sir, I would not lie to you, officer," I always believe them... but my husband usually says: "LYING. I wish I was a cop. I would take him strrrraight to jail."

    Case closed.

  2. Riley cops an attitude???

    LOL Now why doesn't that surprise me? And I'll bet it makes you giggle.

  3. @Anita... let's see Grey's or Loser's? I'm going with Grey's. And thanks, because now I'm praying no one comes to arrest me tomorrow.

    @sherri... I so wish I could get video of him having attitude with me, because it would make you giggle too. :) Every time my friend Susie calls he starts sassing at me just to get attention. He makes himself known! (Thanks for always commenting...)

  4. ick! Hope I never get called to jury duty. Sure I will one day, but, ICK!

  5. I am thrilled new shows are on too.

    I would be the worst juror too. I don't pay enough attention. "oh really? He had a gun? I didn't hear that..."

  6. LMAO at His Mom! I wonder if that would work to get you dismissed? :D

    I've been called 3x. The first time they got their jury long before they got to me. The second time I should have been Juror #6 but apparently I didn't have the right look for one side or the other because they sent me straight home (I was glad, it was a police officer shooting). The third time was like the first, they didn't need me *whew*!