Thursday, September 11, 2008

Talks Too Much

Doesn't he just look like he's got something to say? IMG_0599
(This picture was taken last summer... when we blissfully spent most of our time lounging on the patio.)

He may not be able to speak, but rest assured Riley finds a way to get his point across to me if he wants something. There are moments, though, when I look at this crazy dog and wonder what in the world is going through his mind.

For example, why is it that for the 45 seconds it takes to brush him each night he freaks out and sounds like I'm torturing him as he bites at the brush, but he'll sit on the counter for 45 minutes perfectly silent, still and calm while I come at him with a scissors to cut his hair?

In case you've ever wondered, this is how much hair I have to cut off my dog every two months:


And in case you're curious, this is how cute he looks afterward:


And because I can read his mind, this is his look when he's trying to say, "Whatchu talkin' about Willis?" (He calls me Willis sometimes. He's weird like that. And if you don't know who Willis is, then you're not old enough to read this blog):


As for me, I've never really been accused of holding my tongue or being the quiet type. And I wish so much that my mom would have kept all of my report cards from when I was in school, because I'm now convinced that those comments teachers leave on the back of report cards are actually predictions for the rest of the students' lives.

Mine always said the same thing every year:

  1. Sara is a joy to have in class.
  2. She talks too much.

Yep. That's pretty much been my life in a nutshell. I'm a joyful talker.



  1. I've always found it amazing home much dogs can talk with their eyes! I had a dog once that I would swear on a Bible that smiled! (Of course only when he was really happy.)

  2. Ok, that is the cutest dog ever. And if it makes you feel any better... I'm not the alpha dog in our home. Mabel runs it. :)

  3. I always used to think it was so funny when my daughter's husky puppy, Thunder, would talk back to her when her was scolding him. After we adopted Beau, our Shih Apso, I recognized the same traits. Only he "talks" when he has been listening to's as though he is adding his 2 cents to our conversations. Between the big brown eyes and his throat sounds, he makes himself very well understood.

    Riley looks just like Beau's best pal, Cody. The only dog he likes on our street. The rest of them are BIG dogs. LOL

    Love the pics.

  4. If I was that cute, I would be mesmerized by my reflection. Maybe you should brush him in front of a mirror so he can see how fabulous he looks.

  5. You talk too much, too??? :D I don't think I ever got that comment on my report card, but the "pleasure to have in class" crap is pretty generic, just like "hope you have a great summer, see you next year" is in a yearbook LOL And I'm not saying that you're not a pleasure LOL, I'm sure you are, I like your blog! I actually found you off of Pete Wilson's blog, you sounded funny :)

  6. He is way too cute!!!!!!

  7. After reading several of your comments, I thought it was time to browse through your blog. Riley looks remarkably like our West Highland White Terrier, Gator. I don't know about your dog, but ours is rotten. My wife, granddaughters and daughter did that, BTW.