Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dissed on Skype

You know in yesterday's post, how I raved on about my perfect and lovely nieces and nephews?

Well, a bunch of them were home at Mom and Dad's for the holiday weekend. I haven't been able to travel for some time so my brother Steve's family gave me a webcam for Christmas last year, bought one for themselves and also one for my parents. It's fantastic because even while I can't be home for holidays, the family can Skype me from my parents' house and keep me updated as to all the happenings. (It was a great gift; I highly recommend it for anyone thinking about it.)

So anyway, I was sitting here twiddling my thumbs this weekend when my computer started ringing. It was Anna and Thomas, my two partners-in-crime who have been known to keep me company in summers past when I would spend a few weeks at home with mom and dad.

Here's how the conversation went on Skype:

Me: Hey... are you guys having fun without me?

Thomas: Yep.

Me: What? Really? Have I taught you nothing... you're supposed to lie to me and say nothing on Earth is fun without your Aunt Sara.

Thomas: Well, we grilled out and had a bonfire and ate s'mores and sat in the hot tub. It wasn't bad.

Anna: Oh! We gotta go. Food just arrived.


More than being disillusioned and in shock that they could have fun without me, the conversation left me hungry. I started imagining mom's potato salad and 7-layer salad ... and those s'mores.

So I went to my fridge to see what I could find to feel like I was home.


Dude... after yesterday's post about my Hershey's syrup discovery and this conversation about s'mores over a bonfire, I am so putting junk food on my grocery list. And teaching the next generation to be better at lying to me!  Thinking

(Don't worry, there is food in my cupboards. It's just that none of it contains chocolate or marshmallows. Or anything remotely decadent. The green apple Smirnoff was pretty good, though.)


Addendum: I had to attach this little bit of information that happened Monday night after I wrote this post. My nephew Cooper skyped me (he wasn't home at mom and dad's). Cooper loves to skype and play Webkinz with me at the same time, and he called tonight so he could talk to me before his first day of school tomorrow. I love that kid. Anyway, Avery gets her turn in front of the camera and she always searches a little more for something to talk about, but really likes to talk.

So this is what she said to me, word for word (I wrote it down): Sometimes, the world is full of confusion, and sometimes the world is plain. But with you...

She trailed off, having no idea where her almost-8-year-old brain was going with this. So I helped her: But with me the world is...?

And she finishes with: But with you the world is perfect.

Seriously. A conversation like that is so much better than chocolate and marshmallows on a graham cracker.


  1. @Anita: did you notice what I figured out how to do for this post?!?! That, my friend, is how stubborness and boredom pay off.


  2. LOL! Lesson, PLEASE!

    That post was so cute. When is the boy coming with groceries? If you were nearby I would have to bring you some chocolate. A woman without chocolate is like a man without meat and potatoes. It's just not right.

  3. Found you through Ree's latest photography post because you and I both mentioned having a Canon G7 - although you seem to have a much better handle on it than I do. How's that for the randomness (is that a word?) of life !? My camera is never off Auto mode - it skeers me! What a waste, huh? It was supposed to be a camera I'd grow into.

    Now I need to find time to cruise your site, too......never enough time in my day for all I want to do.

  4. That is so cute. I wish I was close to my nephew and niece like that. I have tried for years, but they are too busy in their own lives for family. It's a sad fact. I deal with it. You are most lucky and blessed. I just wanted you to know that.

  5. I need to look into this "skyped" thing. I have never heard of it. And girl yes - you NEED some chocolate in your house!!
    Blessings to you!

  6. oh my gosh!!!! that is the cutest thing!!! i would still be crying.

  7. You obviously have been blessed by tremndous sweets.......

    now about that red stuff in the plastic container....

  8. @lorrie: Fear not; it's just goulash. :)

  9. i would trade that instead of chocolate any day, and that is a short list my friend

  10. That is so sweet! What a little cutie she must be! Glad you got your sweet fix somehow!!

  11. Stumbled upon your blog via The Pioneer Woman. Love that the world is perfect for one wonderful 8 year old

  12. Okay... we got pizza. And we were hungry. And I would like to set it straight that we did come back to talk to you:)

  13. @anna... dude, now you have me craving pizza...