Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Official Ear Wiggler

This little man right here is one of my most favorite human beings on the planet. And he has bestowed on me the great distinction of being his fairy godmother:


He's my Jonboy (full name Jonathan). I tried to convince his mom to name her second son James Robert so I could call them Jonboy and Jim Bob, but she named the second one Tyler instead. Whatever. She did let me be Tyler's godmother so all is forgiven.

Anyway, I love this kid. He has the biggest heart on the planet and already has more natural musical talent in his little finger than I've managed to accumulate in my 35 years of life. And he cracks me up on a regular basis.

His mom, my friend Susie (the one who tried to corrupt me and forced me to smoke cigarettes), called me the other day to tell me about Jonboy's latest accomplishment. They were running late for school and he was supposed to be brushing his teeth and getting his shoes on. She hollered at him to get to the van and he came running into the living room, no shoes on and a big grin declaring:

"Mom... I can wiggle my ears without moving my eyebrows now!"

I mean, come on people... practicing that in the mirror HAS to be a worthy excuse for being late for school, right?

And I know I tend to take credit for every cute thing my friends' kids do even though we have no genetic relation, but I feel the need to clarify that I'm the one who showed him how I can wiggle my ears in the first place. It's one of my few talents and I can't help it if the kid wants to emulate me.

The truth is that I started teaching him these important skills when he was barely old enough to talk. Like when I showed him how to hold his fingers like devil horns and say, "Rock on!" while doing a little head bang. It's beside the point that I taught him that in the lobby of our church during Mass when he was getting antsy.

And I have no doubt Jesus appreciated the gesture as praise.

It really is a miracle so many people have entrusted me to be godmother to their children, isn't it?



  1. Miraculous, my dear. I am SO impressed that you can wiggle your ears. I can't wiggle my ears at ALL. But I can raise my left eyebrow all by itself, which took me more than twenty years to learn.

    I'm trying. Can't move my ears at all. Do you think genetics play a part?

  2. Oh, Anita... NOT ONLY can I wiggle both of my ears at the same time, but I can wiggle one ear at time or have them take turns wiggling.

    It's a gift not to be taken lightly. I'm not sure if it's genetics or if it's ordained, but it's impressive.

    Sarcasm is my other great gift, in case you hadn't noticed.

    sara (gitz)

  3. Hi Sara,
    Followed your blog from Angie Smith's site. What a great spirit you have! I really enjoyed your post on community life. I suffer from chronic illness - and could completely relate to everything you said. As for the ear wiggler-I relate to this, too. My 11 year old goes to brush his teeth and come out with his socks! And, he also has fairy godparents. So cute!
    Blessings to you,
    Christina in WV

  4. Hi Sara,
    I'm a new-ish reader to your blog and just love your stories and writing style!
    Just had to tell you that my 3 year-old calls her Godmother her "fairy Godmother" too. No, we haven't bothered correcting her because, well, it's just too darned cute! And sadly she'll figure it out soon enough : )

  5. Of course I always love your blog Sara, but the one today was my favorite of course! It inspired me enough to open an account on blogger so I could comment - that's impressive for me! I can't wait til "Jonboy" gets home from school so I can show him the blog - I know he'll feel famous. When I showed him the one where he was wearing high heels, he wasn't too impressed - he's getting modest in his old age! Just so everyone knows - he LOVES Sara as much as she loves him! He talks about her and prays for her ALL the time! She became his fairy godmother when he found out that she was Tyler's godmother - he was very jealous, so of course sweet Sara made it all OK by proclaiming that she would be his "Fairy" godmother - he was thrilled!!! For the record - my husband nor I can wiggle our ears, but my grandpa can, so MAYBE it is genetic???

  6. Sara I can't believe I forgot to send congratulations to Jonboy. Please tell him how fabulously unique I think he is, and tell him to try and stay humble, unlike some people who wiggle their ears!

  7. I don't meant to hijack the comments section, but I do need to thank you to @Susie (Hi Jonboy's mom!) for supporting my genetics theory.

    Thank you Susie.

  8. Sara~ I about had a petit mal seizure trying to wiggle my ears! This is no small task. I'm uber impressed with both you and Jonboy!

  9. You all are so funny. @robin... please be careful. While it's a fun trick it's not worth blowing up your brain over.

    @anita and suz... OK, it might be genetic. But I'm only giving that little inch of it not coming from me because Susie's Grandpa George is seriously cool and I'd want to be like him too.

    Glad to hear there are so many fairy godmothers out there. I'm starting to think we should have wands and tiaras...

  10. cool trick... sounds like he's pretty lucky to have you!!

  11. Okay can I just add that Jonathan's picture looks a Hollywood colorization? All kidding aside, that is a great picture.