Monday, September 1, 2008

No Parades! Hooray!

Being that it's Labor Day and all, it would only make sense for me to make this post somehow tie-in with the holiday. Here's the problem with that: I don't really know what we're supposed to be celebrating. I'm sure it has to do with working or labor unions or something, but since I don't work and have never belonged to a union I'm not very well-versed on either subject at the moment.

The only thing I can even think to say about the holiday is this: The only benefit of not being able to leave my house is the fact that I don't have to sit on a hard sidewalk in the heat watching bad floats go by in a parade where they throw stale candy at me.

I know everyone is supposed to love holiday parades, but it was just never really my thing. I'd rather be at a barbeque having a brat and a beer than watching junior high bands march by while playing some rendition of Wipe Out.

So instead I thought I'd do a random little questionnaire my blogging-friend Anita sent to me. I am pretty sure there are rules about forwarding it on and such, but I'm not really into all that. It makes me feel like I'm doing one of those chain letters that tells you if you don't send it to 15 people you'll have bad luck for the next seven years. I have a friend that always sends those emails on to the exact number of people just to be on the safe side, but what can I say? I'm a risk taker.

Then again, with the way my luck goes I may be the poster child for what happens when you laugh in the face of superstition!

Ok, so here are the sentences I'm supposed to complete:

1. I think I might... need to start putting some sort of junk food on my grocery list. I have a lot of apples and bread and oatmeal, but the other day I was so desperate for chocolate I found an almost-empty bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup in the back of my fridge behind my water distiller and actually squirted the last bit of chocolate right into my mouth. Probably not the best snack while trying to lose those prednisone pounds, but it was manna-from-the-heavens good.

2. I am a bit of a... well-organized procrastinator. I love the preparation part of a project so much more than the project itself. My favorite part of digital scrapbooking isn't actually making the pages. I love to Photoshop the photos until they are "just right." I could sit for hours and make sure all of my supplies are organized and categorized on my computer and then sort all of the photos for what layout I'll make. The actual designing of a page takes no time compared to the organization I put into it. I know, I'm a freak. 

3. I have been... recommended to the Bishop as a possible candidate for being a nun. It was when I was graduating from high school. When he mentioned it to me at our graduation Mass I told him that I would be happy to consider it when women can be priests and be married. Funny, I never heard back about that. 

4. I am addicted to... the TV show Alias. In another lifetime I so want to be Syndey Bristow. Watching old episodes is the only thing that can distract me while I'm trying to do some form of physical therapy. While I'm stretching on a therapy ball and watching Jennifer Garner do a rounding scissor kick (is there such a thing? because I think I just made up that terminology), in my mind I'm prepping to be a secret CIA operative. As I'm typing this I'm just now realizing the connection I still have to the Bionic Woman. I'm all about taking down the bad guys.

5. I can... wiggle my ears. I can make them both go up and down at the same time or alternate them. It's not the coolest trick in the world but it's awfully entertaining to three year olds. 

6. I might be a redneck since... I was in the room when my dad ate raccoon. :)

7. I have... 10 of the coolest, smartest and kindest nieces and nephews in existence. I also have 5 godchildren who are all smart enough to someday rule the world.  And if you ever ask me about the best part of my life I'd be happy to show you photos of each of them and go on endlessly about their greatest qualities. I'm proud like that.


  1. Oh Sara. Did you happen to see my page before you linked to it? I should probably apologize. Guy readers will love it, though. On your post:

    3. Can't wait to tell Mom this one.
    4. I'll be your sidekick. We'll defeat evil one spoon at a time.
    6. Your dad just gets cooler ever day.

  2. I have never liked parades all that much either, the exception being the ones at Disney World. Now those are fun, especially if you have an ice cream shaped like Micke ears. Love the questions and your answers. Neat. I am not sure I could come up with answers that interesting! {{{hugs}}}