Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Burrower

Man, I can’t tell you guys enough how much I love getting up in the morning to see what you have to say each day. And not just because you’re all so crazy nice to me, but because you all show up with your whole hearts. I have the coolest blog peeps that way.

Now, the winner of yesterday’s canvas giveaway, according to, is:

Amanda: Yet another wonderful perspective, and another great quote (one I hadn't heard before). Know that you are making a difference, serving Him, and DEFINITELY making the most of the life you have. I am SO glad I found your blog (and love Hump Day Giveaway Wednesdays!) Take care.

Congratulations! Email me at with your mailing address and I’ll get your canvas shipped off to you!

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All of you who read the comments regularly know RobinRane… she’s one of the original regulars around here. Her daughter Stephanie had to have an emergency c-section and gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Elliot, on Tuesday. Ellie is a month early, but is only 4lbs. 2oz., and Stephanie has a condition called HELLP (weird acronym, I know) that has been affecting her liver, kidney and lungs. They both seem to be taking turns for the better, but it’s been a long couple of days for their family.

Robin has pictures of the most precious little peanut with TONS of hair up on her blog, and I thought some of you regular readers who know her might want to go see her first grandchild. A gorgeous little granddaughter, at that. And some extra prayers for Stephanie and Elliot sure couldn’t hurt. :)

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The following shots are of Riley, burrowing behind the blanket that’s tossed over the back of my desk chair… while snuggled on the pillow that rests against my low back. This is the position you can find him in almost anytime I’m sitting at the computer. He actually likes it when I lean back against him so he’s burrowed as much as physically possible. He’s so weird.

We have that weird thing in common, because I’ve been known to turn a fan on just so I can be cool enough to snuggle under blankets. And you know how they say that after years of being together, the dog starts to look like its owner, and vice versa?





I’m pretty sure if this pup could figure out how to hold a camera and turn it on me, this is exactly what I would have looked like all week. Well, the messed up hair, under a blanket, yawning part. I haven’t got that level of cuteness down yet.

Give us another 10 years and I’ll let you know if I get cuter or if he starts walking slower. Then we’ll know who really has the power.

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Side note: Tomorrow’s post may be of interest…

to some of you...

…who have been asking me a question repeatedly.

[It’s about canvases.]

But that’s all I’m saying...

…until tomorrow.

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