Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog Peep Questions: Round 2

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It’s time for round two of Blog Peep Questions… the last one turned out pretty well for me, personally. I told you all how much I love sugar cereal and eat Honeycombs like popcorn, and my neighbor Candace shows up at my door with this:


which I can only describe as the largest freaking box of Honeycombs known to man.


And just in case you were ever tempted to ask the question, "What does Riley look like right after every photo you take of him?" this photo answers that question. Seeing him running toward me, licking his chops and expecting a Cheerio is standard form around here.

Since I said the word “Honeycomb” and suddenly received a ginormous box, I would like to start this session of questions by saying “million dollars.”

Can’t hurt to try, right?

Ok, on to the questions:

Does Riley have a middle name?
Yes. I didn’t name him with a middle name, but like all children [with or without fur] that get into trouble, middle names just sort of roll off the tongue. If you come to my house, you may hear “Riley Joseph!” a few dozen times. An hour. Sometimes when he’s barking at people in the parking lot I skip the first name and go right for “Joseph!” and it gets his attention better.

I tell my nephew Cooper it’s because we’ve had to say “Cooper Joseph!” so much that it just seemed natural… :)

Who is your favorite saint?
I came across St. Jane Frances de Chantal when we were studying saints, mainly because Jane is my mother’s name and I was looking up ones that related to my family. She felt called to be of service to people… even when she and her husband were financially in trouble [in France, in the 1600’s] she would serve food to anyone who came to her door. Often people would come back for more food, and when people told her she was being foolish she replied that she would never want God to turn her away for coming again and again with the same request. I liked that approach to life and the intentional way she went about living.

She also believed the secret of happiness was in losing, that we should "throw ourselves into God as a little drop of water into the sea, and lose ourselves indeed in the Ocean of the divine goodness." I didn’t fully appreciate that concept when I was younger, but I’m learning to appreciate that visual more and more.

On a side note, a little person I know who is preparing for his First Communion has been learning about saints. In religion class they've been making cards (like playing cards) of each of the saints to learn more about them. Of course, a lot of the more popular saints seem to be either virgins or martyrs (or both).

The other day, the little stinker walked up to his teacher, fanned out his deck of saint cards, and said, "Pick a virgin... any virgin!"

[I’ll go ahead and wait while you pick yourselves up off the floor.]

I'm his godmother and usually take credit for all of his cuteness, but I’ve decided to blame that one all on his dad. :)

Since you do digital scrapping, have you turned your handwriting into a font?
Well, Mary and Heidi, you’ll both be happy to know that I have! I created a not-so-perfectly smooth font that I used for awhile, but then I found a site that was asking people to send in writing samples. If she liked the handwriting she would make it into a font for free, and she happened to like mine. And it was a MUCH nicer rendition of the font than the one I had been using. If you want it, you can download it for free here: Pea Frankie. [My friend Jenny’s kids call me Frankie, hence the name.]

How do you come up with topics to write about?
Seriously, I get pretty nervous some days because not a lot happens around here to tell you about. I was on the phone today with my friend Kelly and after she told me about every detail of their fantastically busy weekend she said, “So, what about you?” And then we busted out laughing after a long pause and a reply of, “Well, I showered and Riley peed in the kitchen.”

In other words, I’m getting by on the skin of my teeth here, people! :) So feel free to keep the questions coming and I’ll do my best to keep you entertained…

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  1. Riley is adorable! And you have a Cooper in your family! My younger son's name is Cooper, and I often say, "Cooper Allen!" Our dog is Otto Coconut Licorice Jason -- the last names being his middle names.

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