Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday: Umm… Kinda

Does it count if I flashback to yesterday?

Yes? Maybe? Cool… because I’m gonna.

So, our college men’s basketball team rocked this season. They are Missouri Valley Conference Champions and went on to play Purdue yesterday in the first round of the NCAA tournament. It was a big day in town, and it was an especially big day at my house because I had company for the big game. Susie and her two boys [who I like to think of as my two boys and I let her borrow them] came over to cheer on our University of Northern Iowa Panthers!


We figured a carpet picnic was a great way to start off the day…


which was followed by a little one on one between Jonboy and Tyler…


and, of course, a little celebration dance was required for three-point shots and rebounds.


Susie, being the great mom she is, stood in for the missing basketball hoop when an instant replay of the dunk was required…


and the woman obviously has nerves of steel.

_MG_5215 fixed

She might be just a little loved by all the boys in the house… including the very jealous pup who didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t in the middle of all the photo taking that was going on.

The Panthers rallied and at one point cut their 14 point deficit down to 2 [don’t think we weren’t a little excited at that point], but ended up losing in the end 56-61. We were so impressed with their good showing, but mostly I just enjoyed the good company.


And that whole thing I posted on earlier in the week about learning to find enough joy within my four walls?

_MG_5205 im

Mission accomplished.

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