Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Healthy Competition

And the winner of yesterday’s canvas (according to is:

Debra: Praying for that sweet boy ... love this quote and so true. Focusing on the comma and the great things that God has planned and that are to come, not the period satan would have us focus on called earthly circumstances. I read a verse in the bible that rattled my cage with truth ... Romans 3:4 "...Let God be true and every man a liar." The comma.

Congratulations!!!! Email me at with your mailing address and I’ll get the canvas off to you!

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For those wanting to keep up on Stellan, he had some very scary moments yesterday with lengths of time in v-tach, and also had one good period of about 45 minutes in a normal rhythm. It was a small reprieve, but his little body is working way too hard the other 23 hours of the day when he’s in SVT. You can keep up with him here, and Jess set up a blog as a prayer vigil where you can write messages here. Keep praying, peeps.

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This is the face of annoyance.
IMG_2052 im

But it’s not without good reason. Riley’s getting a little healthy competition… by the name of Ozzy.

I know, right? I want one.

My brother Hoody and his wife Patience made two kids VERY happy last Friday when this little dude came to live with them. Mom was at my house when I pulled up the email of photos and we both declared him the cutest puppy we’d ever seen…


…and we may have hurt someone’s feelings a bit.


In Riley’s defense, he was a darn cute puppy, too. I quickly retracted my declaration and gave him back his title [partially because I didn’t want a repeat of the episode when he peed on my foot].

But Ozzy does already have him beat in a few other areas. He’s a very chill little puppy [Riley was never chill… even as a pup. You know how they say puppies sleep a lot? Mine never did.] and hasn’t been whining at night [I had to keep one hand in Riley’s kennel while sleeping when he was a pup because he couldn’t stand not to have me touching him.]. I don’t know how housetraining is going for Ozzy, but I know how my quest to cure Riley’s marking in the kitchen is going, so I’m guessing they have us beat on that front, too. But Riley LOVES ME, man. I’m certain we’ve got that one in our column, for sure.

ozzy page

But they’re definitely giving us a run for our money.

Cooper said he can’t wait to have the “cousins” meet each other… and I may need to remind him that Riley gets a little jealous. And to not be alarmed if I need to put a muzzle on him and keep them in separate rooms and maybe sedate Riley for the length of the visit. But other than that, I think they’ll get along GREAT! :)

Someone, ANYONE… get the Dog Whisperer to my house.


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