Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Peep Questions: Round 1

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Hey there, Blog Peeps :)

Take one cute little Katie Pertiet-designed bird from my digital scrapbooking stash, partner it with some of your comment questions, and we suddenly have a fun little theme day on our hands!

Today I decided to take a bunch of random questions you’ve asked and answer with the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t blame me if it’s ridiculous… you all made up the questions… ;)

What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
One word: Sugar. I’m not a healthy cereal girl. The thought of Raisin Bran makes me gag. When my brother Jerry used to eat Grape Nuts I would have to leave the kitchen because I couldn’t stand the smell. Once I thought I would try Shredded Wheat to be healthier, and I ended up with the Frosted Mini-Wheats and then put sugar on them.

My all-time favorite is probably Lucky Charms. They really are magically delicious. I LOVE me some Captain Crunch but it inevitably tears up the roof of my mouth and I end up regretting having eaten it. And Honeycombs… oh, how I love Honeycombs. Those are best without milk, though… I could sit and eat Honeycombs out of the box like a normal person would eat chips out of a bag.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
In almost every instance I would say chocolate (especially when it comes to ice cream)… but not for cake. I’m a bit contradictory because my mom makes the best homemade chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted in your life. And I make a mean microwave chocolate volcano cake that is de.lic.ious. BUT, a white wedding cake with white frosting? Or white cupcakes? There’s just no contest.

Would you consider getting another puppy?
Grrrrrr…. (That was Riley’s response to that question.) Ironically, my brother Hoody’s family is getting a new puppy very soon. I’ve been getting photo updates of their Cockapoo, Ozzy, and he is so adorable he almost looks edible. And I would take another one in a heartbeat. There are a couple problems with that scenario, however:

  1. Riley would kill it. I wish I was exaggerating, but my little love of a dog is J to the E to the A to the L to the O to the U to the S. My friend Candace’s dog Martini is the only dog Riley likes, and even Martini has a limited lifespan on Riley’s tolerance meter.
  2. Dogs are expensive. Food, litter, vet bills and … if you are Riley … monthly medication expenses for his antidepressants.
  3. If we were able to remove the Riley-killing-it factor, the truth is we’d have to double his antidepressants because he wouldn’t know how to deal with the knowledge that he’s not the center of the universe. I think it’s best to just let him enjoy being king.

riley 2

Oprah or Ellen?
ooohhh…. that’s a good one. I have a fondness for Oprah mainly because my sister Janette and I had a Christmas that was unintentionally Oprah crazy. You know how Oprah has an “O” list in her magazine of her favorite things? Well, for a few years Janette’s Christmas gifts to me were created from her “J” list of her favorite things that year. It was so much fun. So she made her “J” list for me, and I got her Oprah’s 20th anniversary dvd’s with a lounging outfit to watch them in, and we both got each other Oprah’s Live Your Best Life books. We so should have gotten on her show for that.


But as much as all that is great, I would have to choose Ellen. I dvr both shows, but no matter what the topic or guest, Ellen puts me in the right mood for the day. And if I could get up and dance at the start of her show, you can bet I would. And that’s not even taking into consideration blindfolded musical chairs. Seriously.

Ok, so how did you like Blog Peep Question day? I think I’m liking it. If you do too, leave me any question at any time and I’ll keep throwing them in the mix! Now, I have to cut this short because I still haven’t made a canvas for tomorrow’s Hump Day Giveaway, and I don’t think you all want to keep me from that…

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