Monday, March 23, 2009

Mental Health Movie Days

I’m convinced there are few things in life that can restore a person better than a lazy day of watching movies. I suppose it could be argued that exercise is more restorative… all those endorphins and air flow in the lungs… but sometimes simply being still with someone else can be just what the doctor ordered. Especially if you’re being still with someone you don’t see every day.

My mom called last Thursday night after Susie and the boys left and decided we needed a mental health day on Friday. That means pajamas, movies, take out and chatting. And just to set the record straight: she didn’t bring me chicken. It turns out the A&W makes a really great fish sandwich. :)

She and dad had rented the movie Australia and she’d been talking about it ever since, so we decided that should be the first movie  choice… and I LOVED it. It was totally not what I was expecting for some reason. I think it’s best described by putting Gone With The Wind and Out of Africa in a blender and adding a little bit of the chemistry and humor of Moonlighting… all mixed together and poured into this movie. The wide, sweeping shots reminded me of Gone With The Wind, and the storyline was so like Out of Africa… but it was the unexpected humor and random catch-you-by-surprise actions that kept pulling me in. I’d give it a thumbs up.

If nothing else, Hugh Jackman just became my new leading man crush. Who knew Wolverine could clean up like Clark Gable? Bless his heart.

Mostly I liked getting the chance to just sit and chat. Taking the time to talk about life – its changes and its trials and its blessings. And how all of those things can actually be one in the same. I liked the moments of talking about how much we miss Aunt Judy and remembering stories and looking through photos. I liked knowing that as we grow older we learn new ways to help each other and learn from one another.

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It’s good to grow up, and have mental health days with your mom.

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