Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Choose Joy Day 20 -- Finding Joy in the Here and Now

I have had people who thought I should go to Medjagory for healing. I believe miracles happen there. And I believe there are people who go with the purest of hearts and the most genuine intentions, who are not healed. I dont think its about who puts their faith on the line better, I think its about fulfilling a mission. Some are healed because that miracle will spur some on to faith. Some are not healed because that suffering will help others in some way. Im not big enough to know which should be true for me. I trust God to make that decision. I am open to either option and I believe if healing is meant for me, He will make that happen.

But in the interim, Im not wasting a moment of what is by waiting for what could be. Well, I may waste a moment here or there I am human after all and disappointment does not escape me just because I know better. But Im leaving the choice with Him. Right now I have a lot of pain, I have a lot of limitations, and I cant go outside without suffering the consequences. Thats my reality.

If He chooses to change that reality tomorrow I will embrace it without question, just as I am going to deal with what is in front of me right now without question. Its ok if you think Im wrong to approach it this way. Its wonderful if you took a different approach and experienced healing. All I know is that I have talked about this with God at length, and this is what I find to be peaceful in my heart. Its working for me, this decision to leave the choice with Him. It may not look like its working out all that well physically, but its working out well for my spirit.

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