Sunday, October 4, 2015

Choose Joy Day 4 -- Paths of Life

"I think in front of every person who is hurt, God lays out paths in front of them... roads, if you will. I don't think one is necessarily better than the other, but they are choices for us to make. In every instance, I truly believe He is putting the possibility of blessings on your path if you're willing to reach out and take them. It's not about God making sure bad stuff never happens. It's about the fact that He holds us when it does. That's what dad's do best. They don't stop you from trying new things. They don't tell you not to take any chances. They cheer you on when you choose to try. They tell you that anything is possible. And when you mess up, when you fail, when you fall... a dad picks you up, brushes you off and wipes your tears away. Then he tells you to try again." ~ Sara Frankl

Don't give up...I remember when I was going through tough times in life, I was tired and didn't think I had the energy or fight in me any longer, I would say to my dad, at what point does God want me to "turn the other cheek?" 

His answer to me...God is your father in Heaven, and I am your father here on earth. Neither one of us want you to give up your stand for what is right and just. It is HOW you take your stand that is important.  If we respond to hatred with love, if we respond in a manner that seems unnatural to others, it displays the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. 

I believe this is how I found JOY in those difficult times.  God is with us on the path of life, even when it's hard. When we choose to respond in love, we are in His presence, at His right hand, and that is where I found joy instead of hurt.

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