Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Choose Joy Day 28 -- I Will Take Joy

Become all that God intended you to be. Love Him. Love People. Love the life youve been given.

This quote sits by my bed so I see it all day the words I want to live by. And while I could write volumes about each little part of each sentence, the word that continuously jumps out at me is intended.

God has an intention for me. My life here is not random.

Soak that in a minute. You arent here just to get through life. Youre not even here to succeed with your plans in life. No youre here to fulfill what He has intended for you.

It changes things, doesnt it?

I find myself looking at every moment and opportunity differently. Life isnt about what I am in the mood for or what can fit into my day. Life is about being open to what He may need from me and what He has intended for me to notice. Im here to keep my eyes and heart open enough to be aware of the moments in which He has intended for me to act.

Do you know what else it made me realize? That if He has intentions for my life, and has seen all that has happened and will happen, then I dont have to worry about how Ill make it through.

I am a survivor. Not because I am strong or willful or unique. I am a survivor because God has intentions for me, and as long as I am here on this earth I have a job left to do. He saw that I would be sick, He saw that I would be devastated, He saw that I would feel weak, but He put me in this life because He also saw I would fulfill what He intended.

All I have to do is remember that this life isnt about me its about His intentions for me. If I trust Him with all of it, past present - future, then He will make sure I am in the right position to fulfill all He intended.

Oh, and according to the life verse my friend helped me choose, I plan on doing it with joy.

I will take joy. {Habakkuk 3:18}

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