Monday, October 5, 2015

Choose Joy -- Your Joy Lies in You...

As my life changed and many of the gifts and talents God originally blessed me with were taken away by this disease, the thought occurred to me that to God, in the role as Father, I must look like a spoiled brat. You know, the kind that does what they’re told but only begrudgingly… making sure He realized that, while I was fulfilling my role, I really wasn’t happy about it. I was feeling self-pity when the sun was shining and I could see people outside enjoying the warmth. I couldn't bring myself to even open the curtains. I maybe could accept never going outside or opening windows if I just didn’t have it shoved in my face everyday that it was out there. That it existed. That it was all still going on without me.  

And that’s not who I want to be. 

The same is true when faced with an undesirable situation… we can either handle what’s in front of us by huffing and puffing while we go through the motions, or we can take a deep breath and move forward in faith. Move forward with a grateful heart, because we move forward with trust. I want to accept His gifts with a grateful spirit. And while being home bound doesn’t appear to be a gift, I know I will receive gifts and blessings in my situation. I always do. 

will enjoy it… just because I can’t feel the sunshine doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it’s warmth.  ~Sara Frankl

Your success and happiness lies in you...

That statement struck me as I was thinking about how many times I want to take control of what is going to happen in my life, instead of letting go and trusting God with the future. And yet, when it comes to controlling my attitude of happiness and joy, I start to justify why I am feeling self-pity or sadness. 

My success, happiness, and joy truly is something that I control. God can't do that one for me. That choice lies within me. I and only I can control my attitude of joy and happiness. I am the only one who can choose joy and when I do, God is always there to make sure that the future I am trying to control happens just like it is meant to be.

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