Monday, October 26, 2015

Choose Joy Day 26 -- Joy in Celebration

"I am filled with joy. I'm exhausted, I'm in pain, I'm just getting by. But I am so incredibly blessed. I have a lovely home, an adorable pup, family and friends who care and people who love me, not despite my disease but because of who I am. I am blessed because I take nothing for granted. I love what I have instead of yearning for what I lack. I choose to be happy, and I am. It really is that simple..

Start every day by being thankful and celebrate your life instead of devaluing it. I am so very grateful for each of you who lift me up and celebrate my life with me, and you should know I am celebrating each one of you every day." ~ Sara Frankl

Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts...Order your book today and while you are at it, order one for a friend and bless them with JOY too!
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