Friday, October 30, 2015

Choose Joy Day 30 -- Joy in Gratitude

"As I was thinking about thanksgiving and not being able to spend it with my family, I realized that its really not bothering me very much at all.

And I couldnt figure out why.

I mean, of course Id love to be with all of my family again. Sure, Id prefer to get out of the house and socialize with my friends. And YES, diving into mashed potatoes would have been delightful. Its not that I prefer this. Its that Ive learned to appreciate this.

Ive learned to appreciate the simplicity in my moments. Ive learned that being thankful in everything is more important than being thankful for something. I want to be grateful for everything in my life, not just the special moments.

Im thankful for the years of traditions, and Im thankful that now I get to reflect on them, remember them, cherish them. Im thankful to know that my family will be together and my nieces and nephews look forward to seeing each other again. I appreciate hearing my friends stories about their family get-togethers and the insanity that always ensues. And, while Im not in the middle of all of the festivities, I am still immersed in the blessings of my everyday life.

I'm not the least bit bothered to be here alone on the holiday of gratitude, because it's the same as any other day. I am simply grateful. I appreciate my life because it's the one He has given to me, and I don't want to waste a moment of wishing for anything else." ~Sara Frankl

Choose Joy Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts...will find it full of JOY and GRATITUDE.
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