Thursday, October 30, 2008

All About the Comma

This is one of the canvases I made to auction off at Relay for Life this year, and it's the phrase that stuck in my head all day yesterday as we watched together to see how little Stellan was going to do after he was born.

The thing is, if Stellan's family would have taken the news from the doctors 23 weeks into the pregnancy and put a period at the end of that sentence, he might not be here today. They could have heard, "Your son's death is imminent." Instead, they put a comma at the end of that statement and heard, "Your son's death is imminent, so now what do we try?" And they tried, and they hoped. They didn't believe foolishly that all would turn out as they wanted and be easy just because they had faith. They believed that whatever was in God's will would be ok, but they wouldn't stop trying until He made His will known.

It's all about the comma.

I've had to remind myself of that from time to time. Ok, not from time to time. All the time. In reality, the odds of something great happening to improve my health are very slim. The odds are I'll keep getting worse. There have been new medications that can improve my quality of life, but my body has rejected them all. I've gotten to the point where I don't just react to wool and flowers anymore, I react to the air. To someone's lotion. To additives. To picc lines. To everything.

There are new drugs on the horizon that hold promise... but the moment I get excited about them a voice creeps in, "Those won't work for you, remember? Your body will reject them." And then I have to balance accepting my reality, with a comma.

Odds are that new medications won't help me, but there's always hope. Stellan's odds were against him, but they held onto hope. My friend Kelly is always changing the "ifs" in our conversations to "when." She's always reminding me that until something is done, it contains hope.

Stellan has me thinking about that today... 

So I wanted to remind all of you to keep the commas in your lives, too.


  1. What a great post. That little baby has been in my thoughts all day.

    I strongly believe if more people found your blog, their lives would be better for that. Thanks for the reality check from time to time.

    Have a great day.

  2. Okay Sara, I mean Gitz, now that's really good stuff. That's something I can do and feel my perspective shift.
    I love the art. The color in the background is powerful, it's also one of my favorite shades of red.

    And a bit off subject...Here's what I'm thinking...A "good word" (devotion, affirmation....whatever you want to call them) to go with your art. I swear, I think you could do a book. I'd sure as heck buy it. Have you ever thought about a book? Between your writing and your art there's too much talent not to share it with everyone!!!!
    Love today~prayers for an easy morning.
    (still praying for baby Stellan)

  3. What a great post, Gitz. I, too, have to remind myself to keep a comma instead of a period. I, too, suffer from chronic illness that is getting progressively worse (much more quickly than anticipated, too) and in reality there is no way to reverse permanent damage already there . . .nor stop future things from happening. I try to take each opportunity to improve my quality of life, but I, too, react to meds differently than the average bear. Keep your head up, pointed towards Him. I am praying for you. Each day I pray for the strength to get through THAT day, and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. Here's a cheers to life's commas! Again, great post.
    Wishing you wellness,

  4. Mama and Papa will be praying for you, (that's a comma)

  5. So glad that you kept us updated yesterday. It is so wonderful to hear good news.

    Again, a great post today.
    Love the canvas. I'm telling you, paint some up with your..."No Moment from My God is a Rock of Burden..." We will buy them up like hotcakes!

  6. First, I'll go off topic too and plant another little seed in your head... I too have had the thought of the fact that I would pay money for your words... of course the beauty of this is we don't have to... yet!!

    Anyway, my seed is this, besides being a photographer, my husband is a printer, a book printer. We've helped others self- publish. And you have a compelling story and a way with your words.

    I so wish I could somehow ease your pain... just take a few days of it for you. Even though we don't have an official "praying for Gitz" button on our sites, we do say some mighty big prayers for you. I mean if the miracle of Stellan is HERE... I just have such high hopes for you! Comma, Comma

  7. Your words minister to me in ways you'll never know this week. Yesterday you had me thinking of myself using a little shovel to dig my way through the mountain of emotion and grief I was feeling. Today, as I try to make it through another tough day, I will try to remember it doesn't end with a period, but a comma.
    Thank you Sara.

  8. I really don't know what to say Sara. You have such a way of reminding people that this world isn't only about them and their little corner of the world, but that there are other people out there who have bigger problems than yourself. I am so happy to have found your blog. And thank you for reminding me consistently that my problems are nothing compared to others (in so many words) and for also reminding me to be grateful for what I have. THANK YOU!!!

  9. Thank you, Sara. I needed to read this today.

    We don't know, do we? Only He knows the future and the plans He has for us.

    I'm asking Him for many blessings for you.

  10. Hey all... thanks for being so dang nice as always :)

    And yes, you can all call me Gitz... I responded to that more of my life than Sara, so it'll just make you feel like family.


  11. What a beautifully written post, my friend. This is the first time I have been here in a number of days and just now see all of your Stellan posts. Wow, you have blessed me. Not just today, with reading these, but for as long as you have been concocting delicious comments for me and our family. Thank you!!!

  12. im hopeful for you! and im praying for miracles, are such an artist, gitz! like, REALLY talented.

  13. another great perspective.. I am still thinking of the ask the answer one all the time...I pray that the new meds coming out do work. And that comma turns into the opening sentence to an amazing story that will glorify God. How big is your God? He can do it!

  14. I have come to your blog through
    Without Wax and Brandiandboys. I feel like a bit of a stalker, reading all of these blogs! You are a very talented writer...I really love your imagery of the comma. Very encouraging.

  15. Love this, what a great post! My life doesn't "look" like it has a whole lot of chance for change either. But that is taking God out of the equation. Anything is possible with HIM! Your cavas is really beautiful. You have real talent. Thanks for this reminder today, I need it. Also, I appreciate you stopping by my blog and praising God with me for some good results.


  16. I remember talking about this post with JuJu but when I revisited it (and decided to send her a copy since your doodle category reminded me of this post) I don't see my comment.

    I bet I said it all to Jennifer. We were both very inspired by it. We are still saying it, still talking about it. I just didn't realize I hadn't told you. Good post.