Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm a Twit


My new friend Tam, who I met through this blog world, has been pestering me in her not-so-subtle-ways that I should join Twitter. I've resisted... partly because it's fun to be a little ornery and partly because I've already pretty much committed my day to being obsessed with reading blogs. And one obsession at a time is enough, right?

Apparently not. Because on Sunday she broke down the last of my defenses and I signed up for an account. And it took me all of three seconds to love it. Here's why:

It takes no brainpower. It takes none of my energy. It gives me something to do that I can actually accomplish without making me physically feel worse. Win-win-win.

Twitter is a weird phenomenon where you write random thoughts or things about your day, but each "tweet" (yep, that's what an entry is called) can only be 140 characters long. Then you sign up to follow your friends and they follow you, and before you know it there's a bunch of random snippets about people. Everyone can reply to each other and you end up with a day-long conversation about nothing.

Seinfeld would love it.

I like it because when I need a distraction I can look and see what people are up to, reply if I want or don't if I'm not in the mood. It's not like email where you feel guilty if you don't reply and it's not time consuming because your words are limited.

Unless you're bored and interested in what everyone in the real world is doing... because then it can be very time consuming. Trust me. So, for a girl who loves hearing stories about the day my friends have had and living vicariously through their crazy busy lives, this has turned out to be quite entertaining.

And thanks to Tam, I'm officially a twit. Which isn't a flattering term. But I still don't think it's as bad as the fact that my sister Laura used to live on Nimrod Street. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Hi
    I came across your blog from Angie Smith's site. I, too, suffer from a chronic debilitating illness that has me now homebound and permanently disabled. I really enjoy reading your posts. I SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO relate! Great to "meet" you!
    Wishing you wellness,
    Christina Werdebaugh

  2. Seriously - they really lived on Nimrod Street? That is soooooo funny. I once had an OB named doctor Bottoms, whom I tried to talk into becoming a proctologist...I digress. Good for you - why shouldn't you be a twit? I would be one if I could figure out how to to it! Not only am I somewhat physically challenged, but I'm REALLY techno challenged. Whenever I want to change by background I have to call one of my kids so that they can do it for me:(
    Have a good day Sara.

  3. I'm so happy you twitter! I started about a month ago and I think it's so much fun! I'm going to go try to find you!
    And Nimrod Street? Really? You can't make this stuff up :)

  4. Okay, I tried to find you on Twitter, but the "search" option was not working! Then I thought maybe you were following Pastor Pete and I'd go through his followers, but he has 764 followers! Good grief...Are you in Twitter as GitzenGirl? I'm in as Robin Rane. I'll keep looking :)

  5. Every time I think I am "on top" of the whole tech thing than I start hearing about the next thing and I am behind the curve yet again! The Seinfeld reference gave me a great visual... can you imagine what he would do with that material?

  6. To everyone who is wondering...this is the sister who lived on Nimrod street. ...And yes, that was my address...there truly is a Nimrod Street. Maybe that's Iowa for you! Try giving that address out all those times we get asked for our address. You usually have to embarass yourself and say it twice because they didn't think they heard it right the first time!

  7. mmm...hmmm....

    i have NO problem saying I Told You So!

    i knew you'd love it sara~

    [pondering what else i can get you to do...]

  8. @laura: I thought you'd enjoy this one :) So glad you moved...

    @twfamily: I'm so glad you're here and will check out your blog soon.

    @neas: is that bottoms thing true? I have to ask because I'm kinda gullible.

    @vicky: that's why i resisted Twitter... i felt like the minute I did something new would come along!

    @tam: stop pondering. you're making me nervous. ;)

  9. Cross my heart. I'ts really true. I was in hard labor, when he came in to introduce himself. (He was a resident, and my doctor was downstairs with patients). I swear I think I laughed so hard that my water broke!

  10. I signed up but decided since none of my local peeps use it that it wasn't interesting enough to really use. It might be worth a try if you're on. Let me know how you like it a few weeks from now.