Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Warning to All Acquaintances:


You know, I had seen this cartoon years ago (back when I was living at home with my parents and still got the paper), but since I've taken up blogging it's taken on a whole new significance.

Case in point: earlier this week I was cutting up an apple to use as a means to an end for consuming my favorite dip. Now, my hand strength isn't what it used to be and slicing the apple takes a bit of "oomph" that sometimes my arm and shoulder don't have. Put those two things together and you get the apple slipping out of my hand while trying to put a lot of effort into cutting. That combination resulted in this:


This photo leaves us with two questions:

1. How is it that I only made one downward slice and managed to cut my finger twice, in perfectly parallel cuts?

2. Why was my first instinct, after saying a word I shouldn't type here, to grab my camera rather than clean the cut?

Because I'm a blogger now, people. And my view of life has gone from thoughts like, "Ow, I cut my finger." to "Ow. Yea! Something just happened that's out of the ordinary... now I have something to blog about tomorrow." This type of transformation happened once before when I started scrapbooking. Suddenly I was no longer randomly taking photographs, but instead taking photos at family gatherings in a manner that lent itself to the scrapbook layout in my head.

In other words, people... if you are in my life you are either seen as an element in a future scrapbook layout or fodder for a future blog post. Consider yourself warned.


  1. LOL. I so know what you's funny how you look at things on a different term....My husband even jokes about it when we are in the car...He will say "opps you don't have your camera..can't blog about this now can you?" It is funny.

  2. Blogging seems to have that effect on life! Thanks for sharing your perspective!

    And, did you ever figure out how you did those cuts? That's talent right there!

  3. OM Gosh - I'm the worst (when it comes to scrapbooking). Sometimes I'll be in the scrapbook store, and I'll see a fabulous piece of paper that I just can't live without. I'll buy the paper, and then for the next two months, I'm waiting for the perfect "picture opportunity" to go with that stupid piece of paper. Crazy!

  4. Im the same way! See- so there are places we can exist in the reality, just gotta mix it up a bit.

    I have been so busy lately that I have let my lovely little blogworld take back seat for a minute.

    I hope that you and Riley are doing well-


  5. Ohhh, I think you are right. Blogs should come with some sort of disclaimer warning... on second thought make that a friendly warning... you wouldn't want to scare off any potential blog post material!

  6. Sara, I do the same thing! I took my camera to dinner last night. At least everyone seems to do this!
    About the in the heck did you get those?

  7. That is SO funny! I know my boys are always worried when I pull out the camera...they say.."wait, is this going on your blog?"
    Too funny!

  8. I very often say out loud, "I think I feel a blog coming on!" Heal up soon! Blessings, Whitney

  9. Sara...

    I've been watching your words over at Tam's... Amazing.

    Now I come here.. WOW...

    I'm going to grab a cup of tea and stay awhile. Great words for the soul.

  10. If I blogged everything I thought about maybe blogging...well, it probably wouldn't be good.

    I try to ask myself, "Okay T, someday you might want to get a job, or have sex putting this on the internet going to make that damn near impossible?"

    And that's why I never blogged about the time I...