Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Multiple Personalities

Is it just me, or does it look like I did a senior portrait session with my dog? For the first time, I have to admit, my male dog totally looks like a girl hoping for the perfect pose for the yearbook.




In reality all I did was turn around in my desk chair... that blue pillow is usually up against my low back and Riley lays on top of it snuggled between me and the back of the chair. His inquisitive look is actually him saying, "What are you doing? I was comfortable, dude. Sit back down this instant."

But you have to admit, in the second shot, he really does look hopeful about his future.


  1. What a little personality little Riley has! I have to know your secret to keeping his eyes so clean??!! Do share...please!!

  2. You have the cutest pooch. It looks like you can look into his eyes and see his soul. Very cute dog.

  3. We were sitting here having coffee this morning when I mentioned to my hubby what a cute dog Riley is. Our Beau came out from under his end table...just as though he was looking for the "dog."

    Isn't it amazing how many words they know? Does Riley talk to you the way Beau talks to us? The big eyes are expressive, especially when accompanied by the sounds he makes in his throat.

    Wonderful pics, Sara. I wish I could get Beau to like the camera the way Riley seems to.

  4. I think Riley has every reason to be hopeful about his future! That little guy is adorable. (You must be pretty good with a camera too!)

  5. What mix is he?

    My dog, Sammie, is a chihuahua/schnauzer mix and looks so much like Riley. Well, Riley is much better groomed than Sammie. Although she gets a bath once, sometimes twice a week, she is forever mucking about in the yard.

    I'm so thankful for Sammie!!

    Love you, Sara. :)

  6. He is such a doll!!! I'm a sucker for little dogs with big personalities. :)

  7. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen... you are so right!

  8. Think he's the cutest dog ever!

  9. Okay, I clicked over here from Angie's (BRing the Rain) blog and saw these adorable pics of your pup. Now, I'm a Mom of 5 and the only pet we have is a beta fish. :)
    My girls have wanted a dog for quite a while, but I never thought I could handle one and them too. But YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE!!! I have to ask you what kind of dog he is. I might re-think my stand if I could find one like that. :)

  10. That's hilarious - I can almost hear the sputtering, "Wha? Wait, WHAT?! Where are you going? Did I say you could move? What are DOING?!" ...followed by, "Oooh, is there a treat in this for me?" *LOL* Gotta love our furry little friends :)