Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ask the Answer

I used to love watching Touched By An Angel. That doesn't shock you, does it? But when you grow up in a house that didn't allow Three's Company because two girls were living with a guy, it was that or Little House on the Prairie.

Who am I kidding? I loved Little House, too. My sisters and I used to walk around with baby blankets on our heads to mimic their long hair. The only drawback was that, as the youngest, I always had to play the role of Carrie. Let's face it, she was the dull Ingalls sister and they certainly never had an episode revolve around her antics.

Anyway... back to Touched By An Angel. There was an episode where Roma Downey's character was in some sort of trouble (for an angel she was a bit on the scatterbrained side) and, as always, Della Reese's character stepped in to give her guidance. But it was always some sort of riddle with her... she'd want to help Roma's character without coming right out and telling her what to do.

I don't remember what the issue was, but the riddle that Della gave has always stuck with me. She said that when confronting a problem, you should always ask the answer.

I spent the episode as befuddled as Roma's character. Did she mean ask someone what the answer was? Did she mean to start with an answer and see if it fit the question? Hmm? What? Huh?

In the end it turned out she was saying that God is the answer to anything and everything, if we just remember to ask Him the questions. Ask Him into our lives. Ask Him to guide us in the right direction. Ask Him... because He not only has the answers, He is the answer.

Funny how a simple television show with bad acting can make such a difference, but that phrase pops into my head a lot. There are many times I feel like I'm groping around in the dark trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing and how I'm supposed to be making a difference with the life I'm given. But I have found that when I'm stumbling around it's usually because I've forgotten to keep it simple.

Instead of simplicity, I find myself stuck in a merry-go-round of thoughts in my head... leaving me not knowing what to pray for or even where to start. And it's usually in those moments when I remember to ask the Answer.

I keep it so simple that my prayer is just, "God, help me to know what it is you want me to say. What you need me to want. Help me to know how to do this." It's good for me to remember that even when life is so crazy and you're not sure what to ask for, all you need to do is tell God you're at a loss. Ask the Answer and then leave it in His hands.

Sometimes it takes awhile, but sooner or later I always find the words I need or a direction to follow. So if you're ever feeling stuck, just remember to ask the Answer. It'll always come to you.

And for the record, I did eventually get to watch Three's Company. There's something to say for being the youngest and having older siblings to loosen up the parents a bit. I guess playing Carrie is the price I had to pay for good television later on...



  1. Carrie WAS the dull sister! haha!
    I love that show. Still watch it now when it's on Hallmark.

    We used to sit with my mom at night and watch Touched By An Angel. She loved that show. I liked it too, but yes, bad acting. heehee ;-)

    Ask the answer...very good stuff there. ;-) Sometimes my prayer is as simple as "know my heart God" because what I want to say is in my heart but I can't find the words. I say that I "feel" a prayer at those times. ;-)

  2. Wow. I always picture Della hopping around screaming about her pinkie toe.

    I love it when God uses something like a television show to speak into our lives. Ask the Answer. It is good advice.

    One more thing. Carrie? Do you mean Chrissy or did you play Creepie Carrie in a Halloween play? Maybe I missed something. I am a little tired.

  3. Carrie was the dull sister? On touched by an angel? I was trying to place her on Three's Company! I am so sorry. Please move on with your evening.

  4. @Anita: Carrie, from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. A reference from the top of the blog post. Get some sleep girl...

    @Brandy: I know what you mean. I think most times I "feel" prayer more than I say it, because my words never seem like enough.

    What would we do without Hallmark Channel??? :)

  5. Thanks for the beautiful reminder! I love how you work your faith into your blog. It always brightens my day reading what 'mindless' blogging you have. Makes me feel like I have a friend out there; even though we have never met and I just started to read your blog. Thank you.

  6. Sara~ I couldn't watch Three's Company or Bewitched or Happy Days!!!
    Ask the answer is a great reminder for me today. Mike and I have a (kinda) big disappointment hovering over us and I'd forgotten to stop and ask what to do...stop and ask the answer~thanks~

  7. Okay, full confession here, I actually tivo "Little House" and coax my boys to watch from time to time. Oh, and the "Brady Bunch" as well... the message is still so relevant.

    Thanks for continuing to make spirituality accessible to everyone with the reminder of simplicity!

  8. Again - another wonderful post, filled with inspriation. So glad that I found your blog from PW.

  9. @jess: I feel the same way about all of you that come to read; it's nice to be able to know the friends I'm writing to every day.

    @robin and vicky: I think I'm glad I only have basic cable because if I had nick at nite I'd be watching WAY too many old shows. The acting cracks me up...

    @neas...glad you found it too :)

  10. LOL. Hey we used to play Little House in my house too. I was always Mary. We only had 3 girls and of course Ma had to be there. So, we improvised and dressed my little brother up in long t-shirts and made him be Carrie. He didn't seem to mind so much. He was just happy to be played with. Enjoyed remembering that.

  11. Thanks for the post, Sara. It is exactly what I needed. I was driving to work, and there was a swarm of thoughts running through my head. I did not know where to begin in my prayer. I was totally at a loss and could hardly focus.

    Sometimes I forget that God is the answer and already knows how I feel. I just have to let go and let God. So simple, but so easy to forget.

    I hope you don't mind if I use the prayer you included in your post. "God, help me to know what it is you want me to say. What you need me to want. Help me to know how to do this." It would have been a great help this morning, and now I have a reference when I feel this way again.Thank you.

  12. Great post!! I now have adopted a new phrase, Ask the Answer...awesome.