Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week In The Life, Part 3

When I decided to do this project, one of the reasons I broke it up into sections instead of what I do each day is because nothing ever changes. I get the same groceries every week, eat the same thing at each time of the day and basically follow the routine of a person with OCD, except I totally don't have OCD. My dog might, but that's a whole other story.

When I was first diagnosed with Spondylitis I was put on a medication that is pretty hard on your stomach (although I didn't know that at the time). It made me really sick, I mean really sick, but I was new to the whole illness scene and figured if I was supposed to take it I would. I called my doctor at Mayo to tell him I was having problems and the nurse said it was a common side effect and it would go away. A couple weeks later I called again. The nurse called back and said the doctor wanted me to stick with it for a few more weeks. By the time I called back I was living on supplement drinks and saltines and discovered the doctor had been on sabbatical all month and the nurse was flying solo. Nice. After a few more years of trying every nsaid out there, my stomach has never been the same. I now take 4x the normal dose of Protonix, 4x the normal dose of Zantac, eat Rolaids like candy and keep anti-nausea meds on hand at all times, everyday. And I still have the most temperamental stomach on the planet.

I've moved beyond saltines and rice (woo hoo!!!) but it's made me tend to stick with foods I know I can handle and not experiment too much. I think if I had more energy and stamina I would be a person who actually enjoyed trying to cook, but since I have neither of those I stick to microwaves and sandwiches. My mother, on the other hand, is the McGyver of the kitchen. Give her some string, chewing gum and a match and she'll somehow make a casserole.

But since she's not here, this is how my day starts... I now give you the third installment, I'm Not a Chef:


First, Riley gets his medicine in a piece of cheese and a baby carrot... because God forbid I eat before my dog. And then I put on my tea kettle and make some apple/cinnamon oatmeal. Now, I have no idea why I've always wanted a tea kettle that whistles, but I have. My old one was perfectly fine and did not need replacing except that it was such a let down when I put water on to boil and there was no whistle. So I got the cute orange tea kettle that whistles for me every morning. It takes so very little to make me happy.

And here is my lunch every day:


A chicken salad sandwich that I put in my George Foreman grill and pretend that it's a panini press. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Now, these are my two favorite snacks:


You can't beat a peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar. Because you can tell yourself it's healthy and still consume sugar and chocolate. Really, it's a win-win situation. And my favorite snack in the world is my granny smith apple slices with my own special dressing/dip. Yes, I make it myself. Because there are only three ingredients and I can't mess it up. And it contains a lot of sugar, which makes me happy. If you too would like to be happy mix these three things together: 2 cups sugar, 1 cup milk, 1 cup miracle whip, and add celery salt to taste (I use a lot). Heaven, people, pure heaven. The apples are really just a means to an end.

Now, supper has a couple of choices:


I'll either have a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or if I'm feeling all Martha Stewart-y I'll stand at the stove and make ramen noodles. Because I'm a culinary genius with the ramen, people.


So, here's where we take a moment of silence for the sad part of my daily food story. Once upon a time, there was a girl. And she was having a long-term love affair with Diet Mt. Dew. They were soul mates. Diet Dew was always there for her, giving her a boost... making her smile. Until one day it all ended.

Yep, for some reason during my bout with pneumonia this past year, I could no longer tolerate my Diet Mt. Dew. And then I came to realize it wasn't just the pop... I could no longer eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners. Nutrisweet started making me nauseous, and Splenda turned out to be the devil incarnate. One sip or taste and I was sick to my stomach, sometimes with an accompanying headache. So all of my low-fat foods are out of my life (my thighs have never forgiven me) and my only beverage is this:


It's ok. I survived.

And most importantly, due to the Great No-Junk Food Fiasco of 2008 that resulted in Hershey's syrup being squirted directly into my mouth, I keep these little delights on hand at all times:


And if all else fails, I have my microwave s'mores to keep me happy.



  1. I could do with your food choices, makes clean up a snap...right....and I so know what you mean about the dog eating first...that is the way it is around here too.

    By the way, I have heard that the artificial or DIEt anything is just that....Don't use it....It really is not good for you. Have you tried Stevia? It's natual and not bad as sweetners go.

  2. I am a creature of habit when it comes to eating too. The same thing, the same time. Dinner changes a bit but I would prefer to eat the same thing then too. But by then, Craig is home so I have to add a bt more variety. But I have about 5 things I like to make and that is it.

    Oh, and at 11am each day as a snack I have the same chewy granola bar as you. They are always the ones sold out at the store too. I don't think we are alone in our love for them.

  3. ...and just so everyone knows, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been a #1 hit with Sara since she was a wee little one! If I remember correctly, Sara, there were times mom couldn't get you to eat anything else!

  4. Found your site on Pioneer Woman. I have enjoyed reading your insights on life (but truly wish that you didn't have to suffer with such a terrible illness)! Riley is a beauty - much to pretty to be a boy. - I have some of the same problems with "soft drinks" and sugar substitutes... makes it sooooo hard to loose any weight! - Wish you the very best and look forward to the next installment.

  5. We're too much alike!!!

    Not that we eat the exact same thing, I can't have bread. But I eat the same thing for every meal, every day!

    And it!

    It's so fun to read your writing. Thanks for making me giggle.

    Have a great day, Sara!!!

  6. When I get up in the morning, Beau positions himself right in the middle of the Great Room floor so that when I turn around with my coffee cup, he is smack dab in the middle of my path. That's how he reminds me that he's ready for his morning snack and I'd better not forget it. The few times I have he comesover to my chair and just sits and stares at me until I remember.

    Sounds like there are a lot of us with pups with personality plus.

    Love the posts this week, Sarah. The only habits in my life is that first cup of coffee in the morning and the puppy care behaviours my OCD shih tzu/lhasa apso has trained me to do.

  7. i totally agree with you about the granola bars. yum! and my dog whines the entire time i am eating if i do not feed her first. we really should learn that the world revolves around them. gosh we are dense. :0)

  8. Sara~ I've just torn my pantry apart looking for marshmallows to melt on my graham crackers! It looked really good!
    I wonder if you give Riley meds for his tummy? My maltese, Boo, takes 1/2 Zantac every morning!
    I love your red spongeware.
    Can't wait till tomorrow's post~

  9. @robinrane: for pete's sake don't forget the chocolate on your s'more!!!

    @laura jo: just remember that those pb&j's saved me from eating raccoon at Grandma Colwell's with dad. I'm not as dumb as I look!

    I love that I'm starting to feel like my dog might not be the most spoiled out of this bunch...

  10. Sara Lou, you are going to LOVE me. I mean, you probably already love me, but you are going to LOVE me after this. Did you know you can make ramen noodles in the microwave? You need a four or six cup bowl. Put the noodles in and cover with water plus an inch. Microwave for seven minutes, then drain and season. Add a dash of soy if you need to feel more Martha-like. You can sprinkle water and flour on your face if you want to, but it's really not necessary.

  11. @Anita... you have just become my favorite human being on the planet! (There are a few people who might be annoyed by that... I'd better say ONE of my favorite human beings on the planet.)

    Where have you been all my life???

  12. That is such a hoot. I have the same PB, the same jelly, the same bread and I eat the same way..when I eat. I feel ya babe.

    Big difference is your house is SOOOO much neater than mine!!

    Hi Riley!

  13. I am so jealous of your clean kitchen -- and your ability to buy the same groceries every week. If it were up to me, I'd eat a bowl of cereal for dinner every night, in the middle of my spotless kitchen. But in my house, these little people and grown man follow me around saying things like, "I'm hungry" . . .and sprinkling their junk all over my counters : )

    Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars rock! And, since they're healthy, sometimes I eat more than one at a time!


  14. Your tea kettle is so cute! I pretty much eat the same things over and over. It gets old sometimes but I suck it up and deal with it! And your pup is cute!

  15. I like to eat the same stuff at breakfast and lunch too. It's not so bad to have that routine really. I have other things to stress about! I think I mihgt have a ramen craving now! :-)

  16. Love the new masthead, Sara!

    I'll come back a little later when I have time to catch up with your week.

    Also, it's time to update my blogroll and I'd like to include you. Is that okay? (I'll assume it is, but just leave me a comment if you'd rather not be included.)

  17. You & your brilliant whistling tea kettle make me HAPPY :) I thought of you when I was at the grocery store yesterday walking past the Le Creuset. Such cheerful cooking stuff. It made me smile to look at it and think of your orange tea kettle. If I could have caffeine (that would be the devil incarnate for me) I would definitely have an orange tea kettle just like yours :) Then I could be cool, too :P

  18. P.S. You're missing the boat, m'dear. It's HONEY CRISP apples all the way. Yessirree.

    With cheese, please :P

    (Discovered this additional reason to love autumn a couple of years ago, and such a YUMMY additional reason it is!)

  19. I made it all the way through college and have (thus far) made it through med school sans Ramen.

    It's become a totally stupid badge of honor.

    I've had Chex Mix for dinner (more than twice), there was that month during second year when I lived on coffee and cheap white wine, the other night I ate half a cheeseball (thank God for that fiber cereal chaser)...but no Ramen.

  20. i'm spoiled in south africa with my electric cordless kettle. i love it.

    and yes, that's somehow my comment after reading everything you wrote! ha.