Monday, October 6, 2008

Week In The Life, Part 1

This week I'm going to do something a little different here on the blog. Ali Edwards is a blogger and scrapbooking genius who I enjoy very much. She had a challenge on her blog last week to take photos and document a "Week in Your Life." Mine wasn't that interesting day-to-day since things don't vary all that much, so I put my photos into five categories and will feature one category each day on the blog this week to give you a peek into my life. You know, because I don't tell you all enough already. In detail. About everything.

Stop rolling your eyes.

Ok, so here's the first installment... Day-to-Day Life:


Let's face it, I couldn't start off talking about my day-to-day life without photos of a computer! Not only does it keep me connected to the world with news and blogs and email, but it is obviously my main tool for telling you all stories and random thoughts. You notice in the second photo that Riley likes to proofread everything before I publish it. :)

The elephant is a Webkinz that Susie and her boys gave me for Easter... I had no idea what the fuss was all about but when I told my nephew and niece, Cooper and Avery, that I had him I had a quick introduction to the crazy world. Now we like to get on Skype so we can see and talk to each other while playing against one another in Webkinz world. I've lost many a game of checkers and bowling to the two of them. And the last photo is of my desk, where I keep random odds and ends, write down ideas, sketch out sayings or just let junk pile up.

The other computer obsession of mine is digital scrapbooking, which I have fallen way behind on since I've started blogging. I only have so much energy in a day so I'm often choosing one or the other, but here are a couple examples of what I like to do:

sbook 3                                      (click to enlarge)

sbook 2

Now, here's a part of my day-to-day life that's not a daily thing, which has to be inconceivable for most of you with busy lives and children:


I find that when you're not out and about, things don't get dirty too often. I would say I do about two loads of laundry every other week (usually about the time I realize Dawn is coming to clean and I need to wash sheets so she can put on new bedding for me). And I run my dishwasher about once a week. Yep. I save a fortune on detergent.


I'm sure it comes as no shock to you that prayer is an important part of my life. I pray the rosary, read books that challenge my ideas and keep reminders of my faith, like my cross, in my home. I don't think I could get through day-to-day life if all this wasn't a part of it.


I also love to read and watch movies. My sister Janette often gives me movies as gifts, and I have a Blockbuster home delivery of 2 movies a month. I could probably watch two a week, but that would get a little expensive. :) And of course I have quite a few TV shows that I love, so I'm relieved the new fall season has finally started!

As far as books go... I'd read about anything but I really love any type of mystery or forensic thriller. Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson are two of my favorites to pass the time. I also got into the Harry Potter and Twilight series because of my nephew Thomas and niece Anna, and really enjoyed them all. Reading actually gets difficult for me to do sometimes, believe it or not. Holding the book a certain way or having to hold my neck in the position to read can cause a lot of pain, so like everything I try to do it in spurts. It's hard for me to discipline myself though, because I often get so involved I start and finish a book in a day. I get lost in stories pretty easily!


And finally, when I have some extra energy I like to paint on canvases. Not artwork or drawings... I just like the process of playing around and doing different scripting. (The first photo is of my "art closet"; my mom finds it funny how much junk I can fit into my small condo.) It's been a fun and different hobby and I'm sure my family and friends are about on overload for how many I give away...

So there you have it... my day-to-day hobbies in pictures. Those are the things I keep busy with when I'm not resting or snuggling on the couch with the pup. Check back tomorrow and I'll give you a few more sneak peeks into my little world.



  1. Your paintings are really pretty!

  2. You amaze me. Very talanted. I really, REALLY enjoyed this post. And if you ever decide to sell your work, I would so VERY much like a painting like the bottom right picture. Very inspiring. I can hardly wait for the rest of the week.....Oh, and I so sometimes wish I could get away without doing laundry almost everyday.

  3. Didn't I tell you that you could sell your paintings? See there? Coloradolady agrees with me. Thanks Cl! ;o)

    Sara I enjoyed this post too. It was really neat to have a little window into the day-to-day.

    I have one more thing to say, and that is NETFLIX. Don't you have that in Iowa? It's dreamy. It costs $8.99/mo. for one movie at a time (unlimited exchange) + streamed movies.

  4. Great post, Sara. I love your scrapbook pages. And, I can see that Riley takes his editorial duties very seriously.

  5. This is GREAT, Sara! I can hardly wait for the rest of the week's blogs. You are quite the woman!!! Give Riley a squeeze!

  6. You are a very talented person! Your writing is excellent, and now I see how many other talents you have as well!

    I agree with the others . . . you should sell your paintings! Stores today are filled with little signs of inspirational messages . . . but yours are hand-crafted and way prettier! Get a store on etsy or eBay!


  7. This was so much fun to see. I can't wait for the rest of the week! I love your art really can sell them. I'd buy one! Everytime I see a picture of Riley, I just want to give him a smooch...And I've been wondering about digital scrapbooking. Your pages are great!

  8. WOW! I love those paintings! People pay for things like that you know???!!! Very very cooL!

  9. You did it! and you ROCKED it!! I KNEW you would! (insert ever-so-slightly-smug smile here *g*) [tempered with a dose of pure giddiness] :D Yup, love love LOVE this post. And, OMGOSH, somehow I knew you were a digi-scrapper - maybe I've seen your art somewhere? I'm tickled pink to have that in common with you as well! :) BTW, I totally agree that your adorable, inspirational painted canvases would find wonderful homes on Etsy. Hey, it couldn't hurt to try, no? :)

  10. Talented, on so many levels and using those talents to bring joy to all of us! Thanks for sharing so many facets of you!

    (btw, I finally posted about the visit I had with my nieces that was totally INSPIRED by you in your previous post.) With gratitude... Vicky

  11. Well apparently if I have some canvases to get rid of I know who to send them to... you all are so freaking nice! Thanks for the compliments.

    And thanks, denali, for pushing me to do this project. It turned out to be pretty fun. :)

  12. Dearest Sara If I were to show what i do each day it would have to include YOU. every day i come to check on you and Riley. Believe it or not you have been a "normal" in my day while the world around me has not been. And while those circumstances have changed I am glad that through it I "met" you. This post blessed me clear down to my toes. I love the how you express yourself. Blessings in His name

  13. There Eyes Were Watching God...I love that book.

    And that line, I think it's when Joe dies, something like...she was too busy feeling grief to dress like grief.

    Love that book.

  14. Hello!

    I'm here via Tam (inProgress). I just read through ALL of your "week in the life" posts and you have a beautiful home! And your dog is very cute. I must say, my dog is jealous. He is sitting here in my lap wondering why he isn't groomed as nicely. haha!!

    I too love your paintings and was thinking the whole time "I wonder where she got those, they are really cute." But DANG! You make them!

    Ever heard of You could totally sell those. And I would totally buy some. ;-)

    I think I'm hooked on your blog. Tam is in trouble for introducing me to yet ANOTHER new blog to read.

  15. I just added you to my feed reader! yeah!

  16. your canvasses are beautiful. i love how creative you are. you can tell even by how you set up your home that you have a natural eye for design.

    i'm a bit ashamed to admit that i read (and enjoyed) the twilight series as well.