Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I’m In Business…

Well, I am officially making a dent in the canvas orders, and am having so much fun in the process… but I’m also falling a little behind on things so there won’t be a giveaway today. :(

But instead I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of what I’m busy with…


I know creating is supposed to be a messy process, but I find myself keeping it as organized as possible. I think because I have to conserve as much energy as I can, I am always trying to streamline things and make everything more accessible.


My dining room table is obviously no longer a dining room table, but a permanent workstation for canvases in progress.

I actually had to take a step back once I confirmed some orders to figure out how I was going to keep things straight and make sure I wasn’t trying to re-invent the wheel. I found having cards for each specific canvas kept me on track, and having many base coats done at once meant I could step in and work on any one of them as I felt able.


When I want to work on one a bit, I just bring it over to the kitchen counter, place it on a bigger canvas that keeps my counters clean and paint-free, and go to town.


And after awhile the kitchen table starts to look a little more decorated!


Of course, the blog mascot would like it to be known that he puts in a lot of time watching over the process and making sure I get things done right the first time. And he lets me know when I may be over-exerting myself by insisting I take breaks [this is usually expressed by extreme whining and bringing me toys… it’s a very effective method of communication].


My friend Susie’s grandma, Rosie, crocheted me this towel for Christmas [I love being included as a granddaughter…] and it’s turned out to be really handy as I’m constantly washing out paintbrushes and needing to dry off my hands. I thought she’d like to know it’s getting some good use. :)

paint page

And my favorite part of the process was reorganizing a few closets! Since going outside doesn’t seem to be in my future, I decided all of those coats hanging in my closet seemed like a waste of space. So I had a friend carry almost all of my coats and jackets to the portable closet in my garage, which made space for these closet organizers! They are supposed to be for sweaters and shoes, but I found them to be perfect for canvases and other supplies. And it left more room for jars of paint in my pantry. Or, I should say, it left room for more jars. I obviously need to get on the “more paint” part. :)

Oh, and about that no giveaway thing today…

april fools

Did I get you?!?!?!

Because I totally suck at this kind of thing in real life [the lie is always written all over my face…] and FOR ONCE I wanted to trick someone, instead of always being the gullible one who falls for everything! I’m wondering how many people will see the “no giveaway” and not read to the bottom… you all may have a better chance of winning today! :)

Here’s the canvas for today’s giveaway:


To win: leave a comment telling me if you’re the gullible one, or if you’re the one always telling the tall tales. [Only one comment per person please… the winner will be drawn at midnight CST and be announced in tomorrow’s post.] Good luck!

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